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Twitter Fiction Festival #2: "The Adventures of Fat Kerri"

From the Twitter Fiction Festival I came across a story called, “The Adventures of Fat Kerri, a lonely, lost woman in NYC created by @Kim_or_pen.” This twitter fiction story begins with a larger woman living in NYC who wakes up in her 39th birthday the morning after her party. 231 more words


F*cking Ducks

There is a large pond on Main Street in my small town. There are sculptures from various artists around, and even in, the pond. A gazebo sits off to the side. 934 more words


Twitter Fiction Festival #1: "A Twitter Ghost"

I read the story of “A Twitter ghost created by @almakatsu leaves clues for a loved one.” This was a Twitter story that begins with a woman, Kat, tweeting about her heartache and grieving of her deceased boyfriend, Paul, on the one-year anniversary of his death. 240 more words


Final word counts

Switching from print to blog is a big step. Not only have I lost my editor, or rather gained a virtual crowd of editors, but I no longer have to count every word. 358 more words


Illuminated Responsibilities and Consequences


This is to illuminate the responsibilities as an Author and blog Owner/Creator, and the possible consequences that could ensue whether I follow or disregard (intentionally or not) those responsibilities.  917 more words


Political Thinking Is Compartmentalized

Our political thinking is exquisitely compartmentalized. And thank goodness for it.

As a rule we do not extend political conclusions very far into other areas of evaluation. 656 more words


Just one thing (when I preach)

Here’s the disclaimer I wish I could shout out every time I enter the pulpit:

“I’ve studied the text all week, I promise! I saw a thousand different directions in which I could go. 642 more words