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"Jurnalisme" Obor Rakyat

Oleh: Harry Febrian

(Dimuat di situs Satu Harapan, 23 Juni 2014)

Belakangan ini linimassa di media sosial seperti Facebook dan Twitter cukup ramai dengan masalah tabloid Obor Rakyat. 681 more words


The trouble with quotations

I hate quotations.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quotations can be useful. They can be funny; they can be informative about who believed what; and, if someone said something well enough that you want to repeat it, quoting them is the easiest way to give them proper credit for their wordcraft.

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Divination Regarding Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse, and Auspicious Workings

There is a partial Solar Eclipse tomorrow, with a new moon in Scorpio. I asked of two different decks if I should do any kind of magical working around the time of the eclipse, and if so, what? 773 more words


When it comes to sex, strings are always attached; let's bind ourselves to Jesus

Sex is a perennial topic on my blog because of how obsessed with are with the subject and how bad Christians are at taking about it. 928 more words


Combover Religion

A young fellow with whom I once worked teased me about my combover hair style. I should place “hair style” in quotes, which I just did, because I haven’t bothered with such vanities since my early ’40s. 317 more words


Mindfulness and Unity are All Inclusive

I just read an article that is being published for a fairly popular online journal and to be honest my ego is bruised. The article was okay in my opinion, but I could just be a little jealous. 781 more words



Philosophical Discussion of Christianity (Excellent!) This is a fictional discussion between a philosophy teacher and two of his Christian students…

“LET ME EXPLAIN THE problem science has with Jesus Christ.” The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his class and then asks one of his new students to stand. 1,822 more words


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This is a must-read for any thoughtful Christ-follower. While it doesn't prove that God is, it does prove the folly of saying that He isn't.