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Not one to shy away from admiring my own words, I’ve probably already spent far too much time combing through the fourteen months of archived stuff on TGOB to pull out the pieces I like best and make them accessible from the home page. 135 more words


"I Called It Hell" Part Two: Let the Victim Blaming and Shaming Begin!

As it had to eventually, the victim blaming and shaming has begun, and I knew it would, when I finally had the guts to tell my story about two abusive junior high school teachers in the 1970’s. 1,047 more words


12 Days of Anime #6 - Shiki's Coming to Your Town

Shiki is one of those shows that few people have seen, but that almost everyone who has loves. Unlike a lot of anime horror (and horror in general, really), which often caters solely in schlockly gore and cheap shock tactics,  571 more words


the Reindeer Hunt

I recently performed a  holiday story for City Cafe on 90.1 WABE, Atlanta’ NPR Station. Stephannie Stokes did a fantastic job putting this together.

Are You a Reindeer? 9 more words


Pro-Life, what's in a name?

I’m Pro-Life. What’s in a name?

If you think: Right Wing, Republican, anti-women, Tea Party, pro-guns, pro-death penalty, pro-war, cutting social programs; Think again.

When I say I’m Pro-Life, it means that I support both women and children. 65 more words


Fun Way to Learn Spanish

“Today’s word is ventana,” announced Cleotilde, our self-proclaimed Spanish instructor. She hails from Central America and she’s full of zest for life. She tells us countless stories about how she managed the arduous thousand mile trek across the desert to come here. 481 more words


Sex & Romance in Protector of the Small

“Sex & Romance in Protector of the Small” was originally published in The Queen’s Readers: A Collection of Essays on the Words and Worlds of Tamora Pierce… 9 more words