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(play song while you read to experience it)

He feels like an acoustic’s string rippling with a dark simple rhythm that beats to the backdrop of city lights and black and white urban streets of Tokyo, somewhere foreign to me that I’ve always seen myself getting lost in. 286 more words

Creative Nonfiction & Memoir

Is it Really a Dealbreaker?

I was waiting at a doctor’s office and they were playing Everyone Loves Raymond, which I was barely paying attention to. In it, Raymond’s brother finally finds the perfect girl. 777 more words


(Late) Wednesday Reading

I’m sorry I’ve been so awol this week my friends. I will have the short story up soon(ish) I promise! Tonight though, I’m reading essay after essay written by 5th graders. 30 more words


The Value of an Editor

Last year when I heard the sad news that ABC Family was canceling the Amy Sherman-Pallidino-helmed show Bunheads after one admittedly low-rated season, I felt bizarrely compelled to write about it.  2,013 more words


Killing vs. letting die (Trolley)

Killing someone involves a direct action, whereas letting someone die does not. But at what point do you cease to have a responsibility for letting someone die? 964 more words


1969 Shinjuku Nishiguchi Chika Hiroba: Shinjuku Station West Exit Underground Plaza and the Anti-War "Folk Guerrillas"

If we ignore all the labyrinthine offshoots — the extra stations, the spirals of connecting underground arcades — Shinjuku Station is surprisingly simple: two main gates, one on the east leading into the major commercial district, and the other on the west, opening onto several large electronics stores and hotels, with flashes of architecture looming large overhead, including two attractions by Tange Associates, the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building complex. 3,903 more words


Summer Camp Dominates Festival Season

The weather is finally reaching past 50 degrees and artist lineups are being announced which can only mean one thing: music festival season.
With hundreds of festivals’ lineups being announced this past month, concert goers must choose wisely which three-day celebration of music to spend their time and money on. 580 more words