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Mādhurya Kādambinī , verse 2

Mādhurya Kādambinī – Sri Visvanatha Cakravartipada

Commentaries by Śrī Rādhākuṇḍa’s Mahānta Paṇḍita Śrī Ananta Dās Bābājī Mahārāja
Translation by Advaita das


bhaktiḥ pūrvaiḥ śrītā tāntu rasam paśyed yad-ātta-dhiḥ 10,612 more words


Polis, the Badiouian Subject and the Will to Change (excerpt)

One can say that polis can be understood as the community of those who have the will to change, those who, like the individual as part of Alain Badiou’s subject, strive to bring something new into the world. 12 more words

Alain Badiou

Before I'm 64

Ask anyone the date upon which Abraham Lincoln died and those who paid close enough attention in junior history class might get the month (April), the year (1865), and perhaps the holiday (Good Friday), or some combination thereof. 599 more words


Surrealist Resurgence; Nouveau's Midnight Sun

(ed. John Thomas Allen)

The poet John Thomas Allen is on a mission. From reading the introduction to this short but powerful anthology; Nouveau’s Midnight Sun… 6,412 more words


Ambition, on the couch in pajamas with a glass of wine

I like to look at the online dating profiles of women on a certain popular site that lets people look at profiles without being a member. 1,396 more words


Western Civilization Essay X: Death, War, and Dictatorship

“What was the Augustan Settlement? How did Augustus balance his perceived need for absolute power with his concern to lend the impression that the republic had been restored and the old ways were being observed?” 373 more words


My family tree of narcissism

NPD is an inherited disorder (as well as acquired). It runs in families. Here is how it shows up in my family (immediate family shown only, as I do not know my extended family too well, thanks to my MN mother’s manipulations to keep me from them). 189 more words