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Should Public Service Be Mandatory?

Public service is an integral part of the Montgomery County Public Schools graduation requirements. The oveview of the Student Service Learning program claims:

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) believes that service learning addresses recognized community needs and is connected to curriculum goals.

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A Very Rough Draft of Critical Theory's First Response (To Be Revised)

Plato addresses the problem of imitation or mimesis in Ion through the conversation between its two characters. Though it does not produce any definite confirmation of his inclination to defend or to discredit the place of literature in social discourse, Socrates implies very much of Plato’s opinion upon this subject. 278 more words


After Tiller and abortion access: A few thoughts

1/ “My body, my choice”: There is a heart and a soul that come with that body. Choose wisely.

2/ We want peace in the world; why do we demand access to violence in our sisters’ wombs? 128 more words


A few thoughts on James Joyce's 'The Dead' (study notes)

James Joyce is considered by many to be the single greatest writer to emerge from the modernist ‘avant-garde’ that took place early in the 20th Century. 927 more words


Two Serious Consequences of Being Childless - My Take

1. “You’ll never have a meaningful life unless you have a child.”

Are you kidding me? Life has many avenues to find meaning in. In fact, there’s tons of them. 481 more words


Quays to the Lough Part II: Scale, History, and other Buzzwords TBD*

For a person like me, there’s something wholly demoralizing about being here in Ireland.  Something that takes all of my Liner pride, my Garden State pride, and my Land of the Free pride, and gives them all swirlies.  933 more words


The Myth of Female Celebrity Privacy

Aah, technology. The internet. A blessing and a curse. Always abuzz with the latest news, the latest argument, the latest topic and trend and self-feeding rounds of stimulating points and counterpoints. 600 more words