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From Work to Play Responce

In the beginning of this paper the author discuss how with more and more focus on the serious events that happen every day many cultural events have been cut.  451 more words


A Perfect Murder

The Magic of Scientism: Harry and Ray at Work and Play

The generations to be born towards the end of this decade, or the beginning of the next, should by all means endeavor to preserve their inner child for as long as possible. 3,751 more words


A Defence of Procrastination

Having a 3,000 word essay due in 8 days time will naturally entail a bit of procrastination, it’s to be expected, but as you will come to see, also welcomed. 273 more words


‘Quran is Easy and Clear’ or ‘Not Clear or Easy Enough’ – A QG Reponse

Among the many criticisms people tend to level at Quran are that it is not ‘clear and easy enough’. This criticism tends to come from those who see difficulties with some passages and thus say, ‘Why can’t the Quran simply say it straight rather than use metaphors or require reasoning?’. 503 more words


Hypatia of Alexandria and NASA

The NASA website, appropriately and to their credit, has a page on the Neoplatonist Hypatia.

The text states:

‘Sixteen hundred years ago, Hypatia became one of the world’s leading scholars in mathematics and astronomy. 261 more words


On Ferguson: White Fear Murdered Michael Brown

America was watching as St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch scraped through every minor detail of the events of August 9, 2014. Painfully and impatiently, we heard this tired white man repeat the alleged interactions between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown; an incident that left Michael Brown lying dead on the asphalt and Darren Wilson in protective hiding, on paid leave from his post as an enforcer of the law. 699 more words


Underground 1966

Lyon made the original chromes in 1966 using a Rollieflex. Because the slow speed of the film and low light levels many were time exposures. Lyon spent New Year’s Eve of 1966 riding the subway with his Rollie. 22 more words