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Supporting the premise

You get an idea and you want to write about it. You like it. You think it’s a good idea, and you start pondering about it. 315 more words


Totally Epic Technology - Augmented Reality

SO! I have been doing some cool classroom stuff in my absence, and have used Augmented Reality in my essay unit.

Essentially, augmented reality is the idea that with a smartphone, we can add technology overlays to the real world. 252 more words

Playing at Gender: Wonder Woman, Lady Gaga and Mr. Rogers

A real friend is not someone who will stand by you in hard times or beside you in good times or even your dog. A real friend sends you stuff to read, knowing what you like. 861 more words


Ray Bradbury’s Zen in the Art of Writing

Overview: Mr. Bradbury has collected eleven of his essays, and additional one for the preface, as well as a collection of poems for our benefit as writers. 105 more words

Book Apprasials


NEED   An ironic portrait  of a superstar doubles as a comment on celebrity worship and hyperbole!


With a Twist: Halloween Edition

This column is all about discussing later movie events, things that happen after the first third and below the fold. Spoilers abound. 

The Thing(1982) 875 more words


Maybe You're Wrong About Spider-Man 3, Or Maybe Not

Nobody likes Spider-Man 3. Some day, people might. Right now, I do. I’m not going to claim outright love for the film, but allow me to cut it some slack. 1,189 more words