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Types of Pies

Hello hello!!

Well I am cutting things a bit close on EST too – shall we just go by Pacific time and say midnight my time is the deadline?   434 more words

November 20th - Dining Room with a view

A charming table setting in one of Sydney’s finest restaurants.

It was too irresistible not to ask. And hey – it’s my birthday – surely that carries some credential. 80 more words

Shaun Surplus to Introduce a Permanent Time Slot

Well, as you all know, Shaun has been recklessly doing his show at any time that suits him, because of his very strange schedule.  However, over time, since he has gone live again, he’s been experimenting with peoples timezones.  343 more words


Apollo's Girl




Theatre for a New Audience.

By the time you’re thirty-five, you should be ready for a place of your own. So, in a reverse commute that brought them over the river… 996 more words


Empty and Meaningless

“The real point to the est training was to go down through layer after layer after layer after layer till you got to the last layer and peeled it off where the recognition was that its really all meaningless and empty. 85 more words


One More Hour (Tanka)

Fall backwards to sleep

Time rolls back one hour

One more hour of late TV

One more hour of sleep

Here ends Daylight Savings Time

Creative Writing


EST – expressed sequence tags

  • Search EST database at NCBI BLAST: tblastn. Choose the database “expressed sequence tags (est)”. From the output: in the graphical representations, the values to the left (black and blue) are the N-terminal ESTs, the intermediate values (mainly green + some overlapping blue and pink) are the internal ESTs, and the values to the right (red and pink) are the C-terminal ESTs.
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