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Serious Questions Concerning Gordon Brown

Operation Ore was the largest single criminal investigation in the United Kingdom, and led to almost four thousand arrests across Britain in relations to online child pornography. 183 more words


Mental Tyranny: How Language Is Used To Destroy Your Ability To Think Critcally

What goes through your mind when you hear or read the term conspiracy theory? Does it automatically shut down all further thought and mental inquiry? Does it seem like all of a sudden a door is slammed shut in your mind with a sign posted “DO NOT ENTER!” or “DANGER”? 2,621 more words

Mind Over Matter

We hear this phrase sporadically over the course of our lifetimes. In fact, we hear it just enough to make it relevant in our memory banks, but not enough that we ever actually think about this phrase. 1,184 more words


Our Elites Suck, part 3,561a: Medical Edition

A woman named Nancy Snyderman, chief NBC medical correspondant, Friend of Bill (Clinton) and card-carrying member of the landed aristocracy we called the Establishment, was exposed to a confirmed case of Ebola while in Liberia. 366 more words

France supports the establishment of a buffer zone in the Syrian-Turkish border

Help Point France announced its support for the idea of establishing a buffer zone on the Syrian-Turkish border, for the protection of civilians The statement by the French Presidency, on Wednesday, the French leader Francois hollande and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed in a telephone conversation situation in northern Syria and Arab eye uppalapati North East of Aleppo, alarming. 99 more words

Bozell: Karl Rove Is Ruining the GOP

Karl Rove is ruining the GOP

Brent Bozell, Politico, October 7, 2014

Karl Rove recently tried to advise Republicans on how the party can more effectively take back the Senate in November. 610 more words

National Politics

Let's talk about Ad-ver-tising, let's talk about you and me..Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things..

Want to talk about a dud ad? Watch the “Say Yes to the Candidate” ad put out by the CRNC.

Want to see a great spot Watch the “Why I am a Republican” video by the CRNC. 926 more words