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Federal Estate Tax Traps - Life Insurance

I believe the following article is one that only estate and tax attorneys will love. Therefore, I will draw conclusions from it at the beginning rather than at the end. 449 more words

Drafting Wills And Trusts

'Decant' an Irrevocable Trust

Irrevocable may not mean what you think it means when it comes to trust planning.  Thanks to a process known as “trust decanting,” a trustee can change irrevocable trust terms. 304 more words

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3 Planning Considerations For a Non-Citizen Spouse

This is South Florida so I commonly encounter married couples with mixed nationalities.  That is, one spouse is an American citizen and the other is not.  1,352 more words

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What's Important in the World Today: 12 August 2014 edition

Well hello there!

In 1962 Everett Rogers, a Communication professor who studied Sociology and Statistics, wrote a book called Diffusion of Innovation.  In it Rogers argued that innovations spread throughout society in stages.   504 more words



With tax rates somewhat higher than in prior years based on increases in income taxes, capital gains, and the new so-called Medicare tax, (which is basically an investment income tax for those who earned more than $200,000 if single and $250,000 if married) the net rate of return for people may be somewhat lower than it has been. 473 more words

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The REAL Lessons Learned From James Gandolfini’s Estate

James Gandolfini, who won three Emmy awards portraying mob-boss Tony Soprano for eight years on HBO’s The Sopranos, died on June 19th, 2013 in a very unexpected manner.   550 more words

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How Steve Jobs Planned (And Protected) His Estate

After the death of Steve Jobs the rumors started circulating that he was so smart that he even knew how to avoid paying estate taxes better than anyone else.  384 more words

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