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Happy Tax Day!!!

April 15th is tax day, or the deadline for submitting your tax returns to the government. It’s a day we should all stop and give thanks to our omniscient, omnipresent, and opulent oligarchy. 426 more words


11 more annuity tax facts you need to know

An annuity is a complicated beast — and during tax season, your clients’ questions can pile up faster than hospitality complaints from the crowds at Sochi. 90 more words

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12 more estate planning tax facts you need to know

Estate planning is a complicated business. Before you sit down with clients, find out what Uncle Sam will demand if a life insurance policy or an annuity is part of their estate, or part of a recent inheritance. 72 more words

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Why your HELP debt is progressive and how to keep it that way (with added estate tax)

Both "neo-liberal" (used as mere abuse) and "progressive" (used to avoid differences) are now useless as they lack explanatory power.—
Tim Lyons (@Picketer) April 02, 2014…

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10 estate planning tax facts you need to know

The fiscal cliff deal cleared up every estate planning tax question ever, right? Or not. Because for as much fanfare as the new estate tax received, there are still a lot of sticky tax-related questions out there. 74 more words

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The New New York Estate Tax Beware A 164% Marginal Rate

Some timely tax news from Forbes staff writer Ashlea Ebeling:

It’s no April Fool’s joke. New York state doubled its estate tax exemption as of today. 570 more words

IRS Grants Reprieve for Late Estate Tax Portability Elections

Today’s generous estate tax exemption has created an unexpected problem among clients: failure to take advantage of the portability of a first-to-die spouse’s unused estate tax exemption. 177 more words