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My Estranged Relation with Institutions

*PS: This article has nothing to do with banking at all*

You get up in the morning, stretching and yawning dreams (sweet or bitter, depends on your supper) 585 more words

Get Me Through December...

I’ve been to the mountain left my tracks in the snow/Where souls have been lost and the walking wounded go/I’ve taken the pain no girl should endure/But faith can move mountains of that I am sure/Faith can move mountains of that I am sure. 346 more words

Shedding Expectations

This one has been on my mind a lot recently: expectations, and what a killer they are.

When my wedding was a month away I started telling people that I was lowering my expectations so I wouldn’t be disappointed in how the day turned out. 478 more words

Life Is Hard

Something important happened today... But no one cares!

I bumped into my Sister today. We haven’t spoken in almost 3 years and despite my previous attempts to reach out, nothing had come of it. 744 more words


Dear diary, I’ve seen him at school today. He suddenly stood in the canteen next to me.
I became as red as my bank account. I didn’t know what to say. 221 more words

Anonymous Sisters


Hi, my name is Shayla and I’m the daughter of an alcoholic.  I guess from what my ma told me he had been an alcoholic since he was 16, but she married him anyway when he was 19.  521 more words