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The first poem I ever wrote & hiding in the woods

In early elementary school, we were learning about analogies and such in class. Our assignment was to write what people were “like”. Mine made my mom cry her eyes out, although I didn’t learn that for years. 664 more words


Officially Overwhelmed.

Today, I am officially overwhelmed. There is too damn much going on this week and I can’t focus.


AANNDD I already crashed. Just like that.

I got more clarification from “Joe’s” end of things and what it is for me, non-exclusively dating, is not what it is for him. He believes permanently in open relationships, which I knew before but never explored for more detail. 318 more words



People usually get estranged by time.
By distance.
By fights.
By squabbles.
By age.
By differences.
By hatred.

But by love itself?
Ironic isn’t it. 6 more words