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Thankful Thursday: Learning Lessons

I’m having a hard time believing it’s Thursday already. But I’m glad it’s Thursday because I have to take time to refocus on being thankful. Throughout the week I tend to forget how thankful I am for all the things that keep me so busy. 99 more words

Christmas 2014 Countdown

It's Official... Our Esty Shop is up and running!!!

We are so excited to announce the opening of our online shoppe! The items we have available are from our Harvest Collection. Check it out… 71 more words

Christmas 2014 Countdown

I Have Four Jobs. . . Is This The "New Economy"?

By: Kelsey Manning

I never thought anything was unusual about my current working situation until I explained it to my dad:

“Well, I’m working at Hachette Monday through Thursday 9-5, I do work for Kate White on the commute back and forth, during my lunch break, and on Fridays, and I write for Levo and The Gloss (plus my own blog, for which I don’t pay myself) at nights and on the weekends.” He goes, “Wow, welcome to the new economy.” 448 more words


Capitol Report - Esty vs. Greenberg

The Capitol Report crew breaks down the race between Elizabeth Esty and Mark Greenberg.


Tanya Meck

Jodi Latina

Shawn Wooden

Mayor Mark Boughton – Danbury 17 more words

Power Hour

Sweet Baby. #crackleface #midcitiesantiquemall #esty #estatesales #estatesalefinds #antiques #antiquestore #effanbee #effanbeedoll #creepydoll

Capitol Report - Political Trackers

The Capitol Report staff takes a look at the recent trend in “political trackers”.

Guests: Tanya Meck

Shawn Wooden

Jodi Latina

Bill Aniskovich 16 more words

Power Hour