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Shellshock Vulnerability

So last week it was reported that a serious vulnerability was discovered in Bash (Bourne-Again SHell) which is pretty much core to a lot of Linux/Unix OSes – including Apple’s MacOS. 186 more words


Difference between ESX and ESXi

ESX and ESXi : Both the terms sound similar. But a lot of difference between these two. In simple way , I can say that ESX is almost similar to Linux OS while the features are enhanced and made more precise in ESXi. 162 more words


Files in ESX

Vswp file:

The vswp file is created if you do not have a memory reservation equal to the amount of RAM assigned to the VM. It will never use this vswp file unless the host server has used up all its physical ram and is overcommitted. 1,007 more words


New in libguestfs 1.27.34 - virt-v2v and virt-p2v

There haven’t been too many updates around here for a while, and that’s for a very good reason: I’ve been “heads down” writing the new versions of… 208 more words

List All DataStore WWN attached to one ESXi

Our storage colleagues sometimes maight need to check for this information. Well, PowerCLI always comes to confort us all :-)

Get-VMHost <HostName> | Get-Datastore | ForEach-Object {Get-View $_ | select name,@{n="WWN";e={$_.Info.Vmfs.Extent[0].DiskName}}} | sort-object name | ft -autosize

Know more about Logging!!!

Syslog & Remote logging:

All the logs in ESXi will be available in /var/log directory.Each log file wil be a softlink to /scratch/log. All the necessary config for all logs will be available in /etc/vmsyslog.conf.d/. 185 more words


esxcli with PowerCLI

You can use esxcli with PowerCLI utility.It works the same way as esxcli commands.But with a lil difference though.

  • Connect through VC using command “Connect-Viserver <Vc server IP>”
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