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Sometimes I write humorous verse

In light of the announcement that Sarah Palin is starting her own “internet channel,” I thought I’d trot out an oldie but goodie from ’08. In certain, tragic ways, it’s still relevant… 137 more words

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My cat lives in an Amazon box now

This is pretty much full-time these days. Nip is roughly 133 years old in human years now, and she’s decided to spend the last period of her life in this box. 84 more words

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Open letter to corporate customer service divisions

Pet peeve time. Why not? Nothing else is going on.

Listen up, Big Box Super Corporation Store. It’s nice that you sold me that fanootney valve for my turbo deplicatator, but as far as I’m concerned our relationship ended when I walked out of the store. 461 more words

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Haiku for the hell of it: World Cup edition

The World Cup’s over.


To me, it’s a wash.

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Children's stories get the minimalist treatment

Via Brain Pickings, regard these terrific minimalist posters for some of your favorite classic children’s tales. They’re by designer Christian Jackson and can be purchased as posters in a variety of sizes. 7 more words

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My crossword to bear

It’s true. I’m fairly addicted to crossword puzzles. I’ve been doing them my whole life, give or take a few years during adolescence when I was too manic to sit still for ten minutes, and I found my crossword sweet spot in the New York Times Sunday puzzle. 170 more words

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Little known facts about Kevin Brennan

Say, I’ll bet you didn’t know that I was a blogger long before What The Hell came along. Yes, and it was a political blog called… 171 more words

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