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A time-waster for Friday

We’re off to visit an architect in a little while, laying the groundwork for our house in the Sierra Foothills. Since there’s no time to write a typically thoughtful post, … 23 more words

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Ozymandias in Detroit

I don’t know why this series of photographs hit me so profoundly this morning. (I’m linking to them rather than showing any here; copyright, don’tcha know.) They show a variety of interiors and exteriors from Detroit, in all its decrepit glory. 192 more words

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Werner Herzog : repulsed by chickens

This is for all the urban and exurban chicken keepers out there. Why are you inviting all that limitless stupidity into your homes, bringing it so close to your children? 27 more words

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Sometimes I write humorous verse

Celebrity “Friends”

Who shall be my manly hero –
Mr. Mel Gibson or Bob DeNiro?

Who shall be my main man –
Jacko, or that guy from Rainman? 89 more words

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Funny. Someone had a post from What The Hell translated into Russian. Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it?

I took the first paragraph and had it translated back into English. 55 more words

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I’m so mad. Every time I try to join the modern world and upgrade to some gizmo that’s supposed to make my life better, I fall flat on my face. 261 more words

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David Byrne is so over the Internet

If you were a fan of the Talking Heads, you’ve probably been following the unpredictable activities of David Byrne over the years. He looks pretty good, with his white hair and his bicycle. 429 more words

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