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I Painted Chicago's Skyline on My Wall

I can’t really do a poem tonight. It’s a Friday and I’ve had a very average week- classes were generally infuriating, the weather was generally unexceptionally wintery, I kept trying to eat healthy and kept not eating healthy, I kind of socialized and didn’t. 210 more words

how to talk to girls!

As a woman, I sometimes get approached by men who obviously just want to talk to a girl for a little bit, but they don’t know how to do it! 546 more words


She's in love with a MacBook

I wasn’t partial to any specific make of computer- Until I met my MacBook just over a month ago.

It was daunting at first- trackpad gestures and finder to name a few. 324 more words


Meet the Authors!

Let us introduce ourselves…

{ Favorite book }
Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert; Wild by Cheryl Strayed; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald; The Help by Kathryn Stockett; Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn; Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. 124 more words



I have no idea how I made to January. People talk about “blacktober,” but for me it was more like black October, November, and December. 286 more words


Blogiversary: My First Year Blogging!

So yesterday morning when I logged into wordpress, I got a notification: I’ve officially been blogging 1 year! I want to thank the thousands (yes-thousands, I am humbled!) of people that follow me. 165 more words


Mystic Matt's Premier League Predictions

Well, it’s been a while since Mystic Matt has been able to post anything (apparently it’s quite hard to type when your fingers have been broken by burly men DEFINITELY NOT UNDER ORDERS FROM PUTIN), but after a lengthy recuperation at… 807 more words