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You Know, You Were Right About The Stars

So, I recorded several more songs three-or-four weeks ago while dog/condo sitting for Cunningham.

For the most part, they consist of two tracks, so the post-production was minimal to say the least. 36 more words


Worst Things about Being Vegan

There are a lot of joke articles on the internet with the same title as this– their thesis ends up being that there is nothing “worst” about being vegan. 489 more words


Fiction Sales, Guardians, and the First Best Friday

This is, I hope, the first best Friday. Today’s got a lot of interesting stuff, a culmination of cool things happening at once.

First and foremost, my first short fiction sale! 533 more words


Drinking Sarcastically for the 90th Session

From Hipster Brewfus, the Arrogant Bastard-like host of this month’s blogging bonanza:

The premise is this:

Have you ever drank a beer that became a battle, more than an enjoyable experience?

524 more words
Beer Culture


Appearance can be deceiving.

  • Things can look different from the way they really are.


When people rely on surface appearances and surfaces and false racial stereotypes, rather than in depth knowledge of others at the level of the heart, mind and spirit, their ability to assess and understand people accurately is compromised. 


- Jams A. Forbes – 


YOU Tell Me: Where Do You Get Your Style Inspiration?

I’ve done this quite a few times and I really love it. Instead of me telling you what I think, I like hearing what YOU think. 140 more words