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I’ve had a very odd experience lately. My boyfriend calls it “being awake.” I don’t know what I call it. Well, actually, I call it scary. 164 more words

Life of Cry

Life of Cry

Article by Movie Critic Intern, Ryan.

Better known on the web as Lol Rubix FAIL, Life of Cry is the harrowing tale of a boy who’s puzzle boat sinks, leaving him all alone in a lifeboat, his only companion- a Rubik’s Cube. 149 more words


re: writing about sex - 2

Austin based author Bill Cotter in an interview with Scott Cheshire Paris Review.

“Make it fun!” This is good theory in general, and, I think, especially important when it comes to writing sex. 107 more words


I Once Saw a Documentary Titled, "Detroit, City of Ruin."

From the way it gets treated in the popular consciousness, you’d think that Detroit was built from the dried bones of The American Dream, the streets paved with old tire rubber and despair. 502 more words

On Race Or Gender Or Culture Or Anything That Ends In "ism."