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DIGI Prepaid cards

Whenever I am in Malaysia, I always use DIGI prepaid cards. They offer the best value for money and from my experience, they rock. Admittedly, there are some parts of Malaysia where the reception is spotty but these places are few and far between. 14 more words


An unconventional outdoor advocate

I was seeking to connect with an outdoor family blogger group recently. “Well, you don’t look like most of our organization’s outdoor family blogs.”  My response? 351 more words


Arches at Muscat Street Singapore

There are some lovely arches, with Muslim architecture, erected in Muscat Street. You can also see, in this picture, some tablets erected next to it, telling about the history of Singapore in this part of the island. 44 more words


Walking on the runway for Air Asia flight

About a week ago, I travelled up to Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia. The plane landed in the LCC or Low-Cost Carrier Terminal. When we disembarked from the plane, we had to walk on the runway. 51 more words



When UNIQLO first came to Singapore, I was thinking to myself…what is the big deal about this brand? I put it out of my head and went on with my life…till one day when my wife actually pulled me along to the store at Bugis Plus. 74 more words



R – I had the joy of presenting two workshops and a reading session for the New Hampshire Music Educators state conference yesterday and it was a blast. 175 more words




Have you ever loved something so much?

And loathed it just the same

Have you ever loved someone so much?

And never hated them

Have you ever loved someone so much? 215 more words