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Ryan Gigg is manchester United's interim manager

After David Moyes left Manchester United (some less than enthusiastic fans would prefer to say “sacked”) Ryan Giggs was installed as the interim manager. Now for me, there is a lukewarm response to it. 55 more words


OMG! .. Hai!

Duuun, been super long time ya!
Apa kabar dun?
Me here, fine, super, awesome! Yes yes, I knooow, kamu sudah debuan dimana-mana saking udah lama banget ga posting. 192 more words


Bernal Heights, SF

Slide nostalgia

Iris invoking Marilyn

Back to black in Bernal Heights

View from the top of the hill


Tentang Hari-hari

Tentang mendengarkan berita pagi ini, mendengarkan berita pagi rasanya seperti menyiapkan harimu untuk sesuatu yang lebih kacau. Pikiranmu menjadi ruwet bercampur dengan berita-berita sampah dalam seharian itu. 544 more words


Chasing Waterfalls

One of the most famous hikes in Yosemite Valley climbs up close and personal to not just one, but two waterfalls.

The Vernal Falls/Nevada Falls loop is a moderate (though some might argue challenging) 6.8 mile hike that ascends an estimated 200 flights of stairs worth of elevation and burns around 1,500 calories. 131 more words


After Eight chocolate mints

I remember that my late grandmother, back in the 70s, always used to have these chocolates in her refrigerator. I used to help myself to it when I could when I was a little boy. 110 more words


I've been really happy lately.

So I’m not sure why… maybe because it’s been rainy, or because I have lovely friends and family, or for whatever reason… I don’t know. And, really, I don’t care… I’ve just been really happy lately. 173 more words