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Samsung SE-208 external CD / DVD recorder

We live in a world where CD players have become almost obsolete. In computers, many are shipped now without CD or DVD drives. So if you need to say, reload an operating system from a CD or DVD, you need an external CD player. 87 more words


Quick Recipe: Fish-less Ponzu Sauce

Ponzu sauce is a simple dipping sauce served alongside various types of meats in Asian cuisine. It has a lemony base to it, being a bit more tart than other comparable sauces. 234 more words


The Roland Cube Street

While I was walking around one of the MRT stations in the east part of Singapore, I came across a couple of buskers using this amplifier. 325 more words


Food 101: How To Make Tempura

So we recently covered frying chicken cutlets, and how it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Today we bring you more coverage of fried chicken in the form of tempura, and how to make it. 787 more words


LG infra-red receivers

There was a project that I was involved in recently, where I had to install quite a few LG commercial signage screens and we had to install these infra-red receivers in them. 91 more words


3848.the unspecified additional things

it’s just escape buttons
that keeps us from the stars.

Just Because: "Without You" by 이미쉘 (Michelle Lee)

Here’s another Just Because post. So, I came across this song recently and fell in love. Lyrically, it’s really good, and her voice is absolutely beautiful. 43 more words