i wish there existed the erasing procedure as effected in the movie the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. a therapy that would made us forget the person we love(d) an the unexpected void inside of us, created by their absence. 386 more words


Manic Panic for Lips

Recently I discovered a cosmetic line called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Fitting as I would consider my self an obsessive compulsive person. They have these lip products called “Lip Tar”, which pretty much include every color of the rainbow. 73 more words

Black Dahlia

Okay so I love watching movies and not just a certain type of movies. Anything. Of course I tend to watch comedies most of the time because I’m always in the mood for them but another genre I’m really into is sad movies. 162 more words

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Films For A Quiet Night In

As the nights get darker and the days get colder, going out becomes less and less appealing. Staying in with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some snacks watching a movie seems like a much better choice. 1,877 more words


Şi stelele au povestea lor

     Ştii momentul ăla în care timpul se opreşte, în care liniştea e mai preţioasă ca oricând? Acel moment în care eviţi a mai folosi vreun cuvânt de frica de a nu înlătura acea stare? 281 more words


I'm not your manic pixie dream girl

Noun: a female (typically, white) movie trope. She does not have a family, a job, friends, or a life at all for that matter. Her sole purpose is to help the lost male character find his way and embody her child-like ways. 34 more words

500 Days Of Summer