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Our Hope

Our hope for joy in the next life is to be forgiven.

Our hope for joy in this life is to Forgive.

– eab, 5/15/09


John Updike: Is It Selfish to Want an Afterlife?

“Do I really want it, this self, these scattered fingerprints on the air, to persist forever, to outlast the atomic universe?

Those who scoff at the Christian hope of an afterlife have on their side not only a mass of biological evidence knitting the self-conscious mind tight to the perishing body but a certain moral superiority as well: isn’t it terribly, well, selfish, and grotesquely egocentric, to hope for more than our animal walk in the sun, from eager blind infancy through the productive and procreative years into a senescence that, by the laws of biological instinct as well as by the premeditated precepts of stoic virtue, will submit to eternal sleep gratefully? 345 more words



Wow, look at me!  What is this place?

Yes, my feet are on the ground,

But I can hardly feel them there!

Hey!  There is gold all around! 233 more words


No Love Dying Here For Prince and Me

There’s been an overwhelming sense of love within my space, and surprisingly it began in my spirit pouring out with each encounter. It was quite hard to understand as each day I spent with my beloved companion of 14 years, Prince Akeem as we got  ready  for his transition. 174 more words

Personal Journey

I'm Always at Eli's House

I was talking to my mom once awhile back, and she said that she was only joking when she says she is worried about me. Then she said, “No, I don’t worry anymore for you. 802 more words

Following Christ

You Are Beautiful

I heard that you believe that you are not worthy. I heard that you believe that you don’t deserve some good, good loving. I heard that you don’t see how beautiful you are. 40 more words

God’s Simple Plan of Salvation / 神的救恩计划简单 / Shén de jiù ēn jìhuà jiǎndān

My Friend: I am asking you the most important question of life. Your joy or your sorrow for all eternity depends upon your answer. The question is:  2,634 more words

Good News / 喜讯 / Xǐxùn