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Imagine God

My apologies for the delay, the summer heat has caused an eye irritation that means I cannot look at text on a screen for long without a lot of discomfort, so we’ll see how soon before I can write anything else. 550 more words


The Line at the Gates

I opened my eyes to a line. A line that snaked back and forth, seemingly endlessly. Longer than the ones for Space Mountain or LAX, certainly. 1,853 more words


I Will Find Death

I will find death.  Because it’s there to be found.  It is not elusive.  And I’m not eternal.  But when I find it I’ll have a few things to say in welcome.   502 more words

Life Chatter


Ever thought how good candy is, but how bad it can be for your teeth in the end???  Well… some things in life aren’t as they seem.  15 more words


Christianity's Most Offensive Claim:

For some, the claim that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven is one of the most offensive claims of Christianity.  Just the mention of Jesus’ name can create quite a bit of controversy in some circles.  375 more words

Christian Living