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Techniques for Practicing Mindful Awareness

Many people are under the impression that they don’t have time to practice mindfulness. They feel their day is already so full that they are too busy to fit anything else in. 512 more words

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Dealing With Faith

I’ve been coming up on this a lot lately, both online and in personal dealings. Some Atheists seem to revel in pointing out the error of belief any and every chance they get. 1,976 more words


What is the Right Fit?

For many individuals, the search for the ideal partner, group or organization to work for will most likely not happen in their first experience. If it does, most experts would agree it was a fluke! 385 more words

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Building an Ethical Foundation


The concept of success is difficult to define because it has a different meaning to each individual. For some, success equates to climbing the top of the corporate ladder to assume the role of an executive office. 412 more words

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Part 1—The Seductive Psychology of "Sign-and-Whine" Activism: The Payoffs


Generally speaking, people don’t participate in an activity if there is no payoff for them.  For instance, we don’t usually play video games that aren’t fun or work jobs that don’t produce income. 526 more words

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Negotiating With The Lowest Offer in a Multiple Offer Scenario

Imagine this scenario. You are the listing agent holding court in a multiple offer situation. You have five offers on your house which you listed for $699,000. 607 more words