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How You Can Eat Seafood More Ethically and Sustainably

Our dinner options often have a greater impact than we think. This is certainly true when it comes to seafood – we are depleting many of the ocean’s species… 198 more words

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Selling the Veggie "Misfits" for a Discounted Price

We, as consumers, care so much about what our fruits and veggies look like that it leads to perfectly good and healthy food being thrown away. 111 more words

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Community Shared Agriculture: A One-Stop Shop for Ethical Food

It’s fair-trade and organic. It supports local farmers and prevents vast amounts of fuel from being consumed by transporting food products from the other side of the world. 420 more words

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Sustainable and Ethical Business Models are Good for Us All

A couple of days ago at work, I was sitting with a group of amazing volunteers discussing what makes for an effective campaign. Someone brought up one of Chipotle’s YouTube videos, which I had seen before, but had forgotten about. 148 more words

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After some unexpected losses in our first batch of meat chicks, our second batch is now just about ready to go. We had projected a mid-July time frame for processing, based on the weight chart provided to us by the hatchery. 418 more words

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Asparagus - is it natural and ethical to eat it?

Is it natural and ethical to eat plant stems like asparagus, bamboo, kohlrabi, rhubarb, sugar cane and celery? We’re looking at whether it is natural a… 411 more words

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Eat better, eat local

Photo: Rachel Ryan

14 June 2014

Studies in the US have shown that on average, food travels 2,400km from its source before it reaches the consumer’s plate, and groups like Fair Food Adelaide are trying to buck this trend by promoting local eating and growing. 522 more words