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Bahlsen choco Leibniz orange - Ethics and chocolate make strange bedfellows

These were an impulse buy in Waitrose as they were chocolate covered biscuits that I hadn’t tried before and they were on offer. Although I didn’t intend to buy orange flavoured ones I ended up really enjoying them. 196 more words


Just bloody brilliant....

Was out in a restaurant the other day and noticed they served Belu water, the bottle caught my eye and so did their ethical values as a brand and business. 106 more words

Seeds - is it natural and ethical to eat them?

Last post we discussed whether it is natural and ethical to eat flowers. The reason why we’re asking questions like this is because we, as conscious humans, can and should make decisions that could not only positively change the environment, but also, by association, elevate the level of compassion in the world, something that is sorely needed in this day and age. 1,149 more words

Natural Food