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Speaking of the rape culture...

The father of rape victim, Rehtaeh Parsons, has become the target of cyber bullying.  He took the online threats seriously after the bully posted that he knew Glen Canning’s face, where he lived, etc. 14 more words


Keystone XL pipeline delayed...

….for at least another year.

I’m so disappointed…

…really, I am…

…what? You don’t believe me? :)

::doing the happy dance::


Proving mercury leaching

A clever member of our mercury support group has submitted a pdf of Georgia Tech university testing of his mouthguard for mercury (Hg) contamination.  It proves that Hg leaches out of dental amalgams…something we all knew, but the brain-dead FDA will not acknowledge it. 111 more words


What if you would rather not have WiFi at the beach?

In what seems like a positive–having wifi in public spaces–perhaps is not so great…?

What if you’re going to the beach to get the hell away from “civilization” and find yet another intrusion of technology in a natural space…?? 104 more words


...they're only raping prostitutes...

That has to have been the mindset behind allowing these two to wear ankle bracelets after they had already cut them off once before.   All the victims appear to be prostitutes…and that is why the rapists can get away with it for so long, a la… 271 more words


We are Not Bug Splats

Just how dehumanizing is it to refer to people you kill as “bug splats”??  Good God.

Dehumanizing the “other” is as old as…well, war…I suppose.  The “other” are portrayed as dogs, rats,  and other things to dehumanize them.  28 more words