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Sea World stock tumbles

Well, now.  Voting with the pocketbook.  Go us!!

Of course, there are those who see only $$$, and exclaim that “something needs to be done”.  96 more words



I had to stop this video half-way through…

WTH?  I hope they step in a big pile of horse poop…

Ethics And Morals

Scenes of Summer...

…another gorgeous weekend here.  (But I have to say that this summer has been dry.  Not on the scale of the drought a few years ago, but very dry.  1,274 more words


Cankey and the Dead

City Jackdaw has this interesting story up.   I’m thinking of recent stories of funeral directors keeping bodies instead of burying them or taking their organs and selling them or the gold fillings out, etc.,m…and it appears that this sort of thing is not so in the distant past…

Ethics And Morals

A Jewish voice on Gaza

DN! interviewed Henry Siegman, a rabbi that represents strong Jewish organizations and what he had to say regarding the bombing of Gaza will blow you away. 295 more words