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Spirituality and Rationality

(This blog is on spirituality, so if it’s not your thing…)

Dr. Carol Hand has one of the most stirring blogs on spirituality I’ve ever read. 523 more words

Ethics And Morals

The destruction of Gaza

Global News has photos up on the utter destruction of Gaza.  I can’t even imagine what they must feel like.  Well, I take that back–I do know how it feels to lose your home, but not by bombing. 133 more words

Ethics And Morals

It's worse than we thought--the NSA has nothing on this Ford exec

Wow.  Just wow.  Someone in the comments thought that she was using the recording devices to record meetings and then have them transcribed.  If you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Indiana I want to sell you…. 48 more words

Ethics And Morals

Not only do hedge fund managers want to profit off of schools...

…they also want to profit off of the misery they caused by the housing collapse…to rent out single family homes, at astronomical prices, no doubt. 45 more words


My own Big Pharm stories

I thought I should tell my own stories related to prescription drug reactions–

In 1991, I took a drug called Seldane for sinus issues.  I was also taking a drug called Synarel for endometriosis.  721 more words


DN! on Israel attacks

DN! has the attacks on Gaza.  I wanted to link to it because it shows that not all Israelis are supportive of the bullying of the Palestinians.  39 more words