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Gotta love humor against ignorance...

As always, I love when we can laugh while trying to make sense of the nonsensical.

From Carol A Hand’s blog on the Daily Show: 109 more words


Domestic abuse without raising a hand...

Order of the White Feather has a sobering post up on using technology to continually abuse and control a partner seeking to get away from her abuser.  321 more words


Women who blame rape victims

Educated women, whom are supposed to know better, are wrapped up in the rape/violence culture, and blame victims, too. 

And if you think things would be better with Hillary Clinton as President, just because she is a woman.. 28 more words


Navajo finally get their day in court

This will help give back to them what was taken from them.  I hope this will help them become more autonomous as all Native American tribes once were.  23 more words


Jewish doctor in Gaza

Adam Kawalek has had a change of perspective after going to Gaza to tend to the wounded.  He believes in Israel having it’s own state, but after witnessing the devastating destruction, he changed his views on their moral authority.  Good for him.


Daniele Watts

Has claimed that she was handcuffed because of racism.   She was kissing her white boyfriend in public and was handcuffed….when she refused to give identification. 546 more words