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Hunter Nash - Cinco de Mayo

In a recent Federal Appeals court decision in which free speech came head to head with the ‘threat’ of violence {AP: The Big Story, Feb. 27, 2014} the Court decided that a High School was right to “proceed as though the threat of a potentially violent disturbance was real”. 1,215 more words

Ethics & Morality

Commentatulus - Religious Debate Series Concluding Rebuttal: Part I

This post is a response to an earlier post, which can be found here

Rape in the Bible

(1) Regarding Deuteronomy 20:14 and 21:10-14: 2,431 more words


Religious Debate Series – Response to Commentatulus’ Last Post: Part II

This is the last time you’ll be hearing from me in this particular debate series. It has been an extremely edifying experience, and I acknowledge Commentatulus as a worthy and gracious opponent. 2,177 more words

Ripples of Justice, Ripples of Mercy

There is one criteria which–if applied globally to any element of any system of belief–would remove all of my objections to that system of belief, and it stands equally in the presence or absence of empirically derived concepts of factual truth: that anything implying that the authority for defining or dispensing justice has ever belonged to or been delegated to mankind is, by its very nature, patently false. 788 more words

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Dagny Taggart - Anthem by Ayn Rand

It’s a short book- not even long enough to be considered a novel. It’s a simple book- its one plotline has only a handful of characters and follows a direct timeline. 1,522 more words

Ethics & Morality

The Yellow Scarlet Letter: True Detective's Finale

Rust Cohle has a cross up in his room. He tells his partner, Hart, that this is merely in order to perform a meditation exercise, in which he endures the thought of all humanity’s suffering. 605 more words

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