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Christian Ethics in Beautiful Form

In this article I offer an update on the series of studies currently underway at Covenant this 2014. We have called it “Our Moral GPS.” We are engaging in a serious, but popular study of Christian ethics. 620 more words


Dagny Taggart - Hobby Lobby

Earlier this week, SCOTUS released the Hobby Lobby decision. The decision has gotten a lot of press (and a lot of facebook posts), and I feel like there’s still a lot of confusion over what the decision actually means. 926 more words


Cash buys world football as the Brazil World Cup kicks off!

Cash buys world football as the Brazil World Cup kicks off!

By Dark Politricks


As the World Cup gets on its way tonight with the first match between hosts  991 more words

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The Danger of Bible (Only) Ethics


In the past, I have written on what I saw as some particularly deficient aspects of Evangelicalism. As these accumulated, I came see Evangelicalism in general as an incomplete expression of Christianity, but I retained some fondness for much of what it stood for. 1,916 more words