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My meaning of life

When I was religious I believed there would be a time in which justice would be served. I was absolutely convinced that everything would work out in the end. 298 more words


Towards a non-vacuous concept of "Just Peace"

All parties in conflict want peace. Oppressed groups want peace in the sense of the end of their oppression, which they interpret as a continuation of war, whereas oppressor groups want peace and quiet, in the sense of the absence of any rebellion against the oppression they instituted through mechanisms of pacification. 458 more words


Portrait of Gov't Agencies

Although the article below shines a light on Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ATF.  Many of our Federal Agencies suffer from poor leadership and management resulting in a portrait similar to the ATF. 208 more words


By Craig Eddy

WARNING: The radio service/news media called NPR (and formerly National Public Radio) is a massive tracker system that collects more than just the voluntary information that a subscriber provides. 587 more words


Then they came for me...

It would be great if I could share a self-congratulatory tale about how I overcame the bonds of prejudice (against gays, women) with great moral courage and fortitude. 1,101 more words


One Hand Washes the Other: Making Connections for a Fee

Over the years, I have come to know a number people who sold cars for a living.  Some have been friends who have taken the up the occupation, and some have been individuals who sold me vehicles.  497 more words


Thought Notes 8/1/2014

The last few days I’ve been reading about post-Kantian moral philosophy, primarily Fichte. It’s a very interesting project, which could probably be summed as an attempt to construct an ‘objective’ morality in the absence of God, using the ‘Ego’ or ‘I’ or ‘Self’ as an axiomatic starting point. 175 more words