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Doing the Right Thing

In the last few weeks, I have spoken to two different people with an ethical dilemma at work. For each person, it was a critical crossroad. 81 more words


some posts... no shit

some posts maybe you are never ready to write. nevertheless, the news of marc roberts‘s death over the weekend seems to warrant both an immediate response and the response that is just right. 404 more words



Recently I started another semester at University. I like this semester, but it is really removing me some great distance out of my comfort zone. 322 more words

Basic Income and The Role of the Market in Society

We currently live in a world where we are born into a social structure that is governed almost entirely by market forces. As children our lives are profoundly shaped by our parents place in the market, that is our parents value to the market place and what that value can provide for us. 681 more words


The NFL's moral hypocrisy on domestic abuse, Part II

Generally, I try to avoid (and will continue to do so) posting multiple blogs on the same story. Please forgive me for suspending my typical M.O. 563 more words


Accepting Clearings and Downloads

Many people are wanting to help others as they watch what is happening in their own lives and around the world.  So, they do what they know how to do.  615 more words

Theta Musings