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Would you shut up and just sell the stuff anyway?

If you saw something wrong, dangerous or unethical in your work place would you stand up and tell your boss about it? If the act you reported was damaging to the company and its reputation, would you expect your boss to support your claim? 163 more words


Chris Grayling - Banning books being sent to prisoners

Banning books

I remember a very kindly Judge once asking for my help with a letter written to him by my client. Client letters to the Judge saying how sorry they are on the day of their sentence are a miss and miss affair in my experience which normally tell you the punter is locked up with some know it all who has convinced them of the entirely dubious merit of documenting their contrition. 1,088 more words


Today I came across a particularly poignant reflection by Erinma Ochu on the essence of meaningful citizen science projects in social science – and the experience of working with Parkinson’s patient group which lead her to develop her citizen science project philosophy. 307 more words

Citizen Science

Visualising Violence in Homicidios

Having discovered that Telecinco’s website features an on-demand viewing service, I recently watched the TV series Homicidios (2011), which stars Eduardo Noriega as Tomás Sóller, a psychologist turned university lecturer, who becomes an associate consultant in a police investigation into a serial killer.  496 more words


nietzsche for easter

Several years ago I read the following in a bathroom stall: “Read more Nietzsche!” For some reason or another I took this injunction quite seriously. I’ve been reading Nietzsche – much to my pleasure – ever since. 478 more words

The good life

I’ve never felt particularly comfortable around words like morals or ethics –somehow they smack of judgment, right and wrong and of such things being passed down from some rule book or higher authority. 353 more words


How will we feed the world? How will I feed my household?

With the population set to increase by 2 billion by 2050, how are we going to feed everyone? Hey, too many people are malnourished already and according to the May 2014 National Geographic we currently grow crops on one third of the Earth’s ice free land. 622 more words