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Digital Citizenship, Ethics, and Netiquette for Everybody, Including Pigeons

The first time, yes, the very first time, that I saw the term “digital citizenship,” I had to take a moment and reflect, a-la-Brookfield Critical Reflection style (Brookfield, 1998), on what the implications of the two words individually, and together, might have for me, as a future adult educator. 689 more words

On Undesignated Handicap Parking (and moral motivation)

Today I pulled into a parking spot closest to the entrance of a coffee-shop. Realizing that it was probably reserved for persons with handicaps, I looked around to see if it was indeed reserved. 668 more words


Making A Mockery Of Suicide

Guest Post by Mollie C.

During the summer of 2010, I was studying abroad in Spain as part of my undergraduate degree. Towards the end of the trip, I was in a bar in a coastal town somewhere between Salamanca and Barcelona watching the World Cup with several of my classmates and my three professors. 1,068 more words


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The power of words. It’s an elementary concept, but how often we forget. Instead of speaking with intentionality, concern, and care, we throw our words around needlessly and thoughtlessly. Until we are reminded that it’s not okay to do so. Matthew 12:36 is underlined in my Bible with 3 exclamation marks. Jesus, when using the analogy of a tree being known by its fruits, says, “I tell you, on the day of judgment you will have to give an account for every careless word you utter.” Gulp. Every careless word. We like to be funny. But it’s often in our attempts to be funny that we are most hurtful. I cannot tell you how many times people have made a sexist joke that has torn me apart inside. But I need to realize that there are other types of jokes that are just as inappropriate as sexist or racist jokes. That’s why we need to read Mollie’s story. I had the blessing of being Mollie’s roommate for a year while in seminary, and reading her post made me shift uncomfortably in my seat because I know that I have needlessly tossed around the types of jokes to which she is referring. But now I know better, and I hope you now know better too. The power of words. Through Mollie’s words, we have been reminded of our higher standard. As Christians, there are certain jokes that are never acceptable. So let’s take seriously Mollie’s story and Jesus’ warning that we should think twice before we hurl out such careless words.

Future Professional Development

What do I want to accomplish after this program? what are my professional goals? These are the two main questions that I most frequently ask myself and honestly, I don’t think I have fully made up my mind about the answers to these questions. 292 more words

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I’m still taking the lazy way out and giving links.  There isn’t a common theme this time around.

Paul Gould wrote a post for the… 81 more words


This man controls your decisions from the grave, and you don't even know who he is

Ever since I chose to go into the journalism and mass communications field, I’ve been exposed to how the curation and dissemination of information works. It was the way how public relations and marketing interacts with society that introduced me to this man. 1,149 more words