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The Scarcity Myth


The Scarcity Myth
Scarcity can be real, but only for a time. Mankind always has and always will develop a means to deal with scarcity… unless it is Artificial. 43 more words

Mathesis Universalis

You "Are" Not Nice!

By Scott Keith -

Yes, I said it, you are not a nice person. In fact, there are no nice people. Everyone you meet is mean and self serving, and in their heart just as cantankerous and callus as I am. 807 more words

The Cantankerous Critic

Medical error disclosure: from the therapeutic alliance to risk management: the vision of the new Italian code of medical ethics

Emanuela Turillazzi and Margherita Neri. BMC Medical Ethics 2014, 15:57  doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-57


The Italian code of medical deontology recently approved stipulates that physicians have the duty to inform the patient of each unwanted event and its causes, and to identify, report and evaluate adverse events and errors. 170 more words


I'm a feminist

Note: The video below uses profanity and explicit terminology. I do not suggest listening to it in the presence of young children.

I’m not a feminist because of some belief that my approach to sexuality ought to be respected. 541 more words


Legal Wranglings

The Scots Law surrounding mental competence is ridiculous.

A person can be deemed mentally competent to instruct a solicitor to represent them in a criminal trial, yet at the same time can be deemed mentally incompetent to manager their own affairs. 346 more words

Dealing With Faith

I’ve been coming up on this a lot lately, both online and in personal dealings. Some Atheists seem to revel in pointing out the error of belief any and every chance they get. 1,976 more words


Sally Kohn: Let's Try Emotional Correctness

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Emotional correctness: a new way to be trendy
It used to be called tolerance and empathy.
Social engineering that shifts the responsibility of an individual to a group. 15 more words