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Pharrell Williams' Sexual Exploitation of Women In His Music Videos

It’s time for some pimp shaming (or maybe I should just call it pervert shaming).  I’m starting to think that Pharrell Williams is almost incapable of creating a music video that doesn’t portray women as mindless sex objects.  168 more words


Any Idiot Can Blow Things Up. Let's Get Leaders Who Can Build Something.

A few years ago, all hope by people seemed lost in government. The last great bastion of social services, social security, seemed to be on the chopping block. 497 more words


Learning Tool Exploration 2: Turnitin

One of the problems with information abundance is that students have an unlimited amount of resources readily available. Because of this it is very tempting to submit papers written by others or even inadvertently plagiarize from digital sources. 309 more words

EDTC 6431

John - It's "anti-war, non-violence", NOT "anti-Israel"

John Baird Earns Rave Reviews On U.S. Conservative Radio


“Levin explained that he’d invited Baird onto his show so that America’s youth might draw some inspiration.” 37 more words


On departing as an External Examiner

For the past four years I have served as an external examiner at Cardiff University’s Journalism School. I have looked after the law and public admin parts of the MA and postgrad diploma there. 322 more words

Holiness as Justice: Redeeming Holiness from Spirituality, for Religion

The spirit of the Hebrew Scriptures is holiness—instigated by the call of Abraham and crafted by the keeping of Torah: the wisdom and law of a people carved out from among creation as Yhwh’s own. 1,335 more words