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4/17/14 – Why Financial Advisors Are the Good Guys

My son, Jackson, is almost six, and we are starting to have conversations about what Daddy does for work. Since he is also at the age where we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about good guys versus bad guys—particularly in the context of… 499 more words


defending Greg Mortenson

Did 60 Minutes Get it Wrong?

Two filmmakers, Jennifer Jordan and Jeff Roads, are working on a documentary that delves back into the Greg Mortenson story.

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The Place of Human Rights in Morality

Morality can be divided into three parts:

  1. the good thing to do
  2. the proper thing to do
  3. and the right thing to do.

1. What you do can be a good thing without it necessarily being the proper or the right thing to do. 505 more words

Human Rights

Abortion and Self-Ownership

Where does the right of self-ownership come from? Is the pro-abortion argument that a woman can do whatever she wishes with her body actually grounded in any theological or philosophical ideas? 467 more words

Cultural Commentaries

Twitter | What's the Point of PR & Public Affairs Anyway? | An Industry Debates Its Values | #prdebate

Immanuel Kant and Niccolò Machiavelli – two philosophers from two very different periods – share little in common other than that they both dabbled heavily in the ethics of greed and the practicalities of being virtuous. 1,065 more words


How to Avoid Making Unethical Decisions

What do you do when faced with a tough ethical decision?  At times when not a single option clearly seems right, how do you know which choice is best?   387 more words

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