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First times (heavy)

I signed up for medicine, I knew that it’s not all saving lives and being a hero. In fact, it rarely is. As a doctor, and in this case, right now, a medical student, you are guaranteed to see some pretty gut-wrenching things. 749 more words


Feeling like poop.

I had one of those days today, one of those when you can’t be bothered to get out of bed, or pretty much doing anything with yourself all day. 1,056 more words


the schizophrenic skies of Addis…

It’s been a strange couple of weeks in Addis. The rainy season has hit town and everyday the black clouds will roll in, the wind will pick up, and people will scatter from the streets before the impending heavy rain and hail unleash their might. 1,102 more words

Exercising, but no cycling...

Day 36, 36 days already gone! Only 20 to go! I guess, I’m only between half and two thirds of the way through my elective, but still, every day makes me realise that I’m not that far away from coming home! 639 more words


Another incredible day

Well, after yesterday, I was due a good one today. And blooming hell, was it! To be honest, today more than rivalled my weekend trip to Awassa, and to top it off, the weather was absolutely incredible, although, I’m am slightly pink now, woops! 1,242 more words


Rain, Rain, Rain

Everything I post after my incredible weekend in Awassa seems a bit boring now, but I will do my best to try and spice this post up a little! 419 more words


Labour pains... (and revolution cycling!)

Okay, so the bulk of this is meant to be about my elective, but I am super excited about a piece of cycling news, so may get sidetracked and go on about a bit, I apologise in advance, and will try and write  about Ethiopia and medicine as much as possible! 595 more words