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Trying to recover

Well, I took on my mum’s advice well, at least for most of the day. I had been planning a bit of an epic 12km walk today around the lakes of Bishoftu, but after continuing to feel sick yesterday, decided to pull the plug on it. 450 more words


Exploring Addis, in the wet

Day 14

A big day out. At least that was the plan, and mostly, it worked out well, it’s just the stomach bug and rain gods decided to make hard work of it! 1,095 more words


Well how was my day otherwise?

Went and bought a coke and some mangos. Calmed down. Sent my landlady a firm email, she has agreed to just the £155 deduction. Feeling better. 588 more words



A good day, although I am only just realising quite how long I am out here for! I can’t quite decide if the 7 September is a long time away or not, but I think maybe the fact that I am thinking about that date already means that I’m not quite cut out for staying out here forever. 611 more words


Teething problems, resorts and planning ahead

As has often been the case, it has been another mixed day for me in Ethiopia! It started off badly, but as the day progressed got much better, to my relief! 667 more words


Boredom and Dodgy Bajaj Drivers

Another nothing day, frustratingly so! Once again I did not sleep well due to my stomach.. it seemed whenever I moved it was pretty uncomfortable, which was rather unpleasant! 762 more words


Pictures pictures pictures!

Okay, so I’m terrible at taking pictures. I don’t do it often enough and I am never in them myself, but here’s a few so far! 215 more words