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The last weekend

The last two days have made up what is my last weekend in Ethiopia. Perhaps my last weekend here ever, but maybe not, you never know! 892 more words


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko OCR

- Lots of chocolate and toffee flavors, full body and stone fruit and bergamot.

Here we are we a new Ethiopian knock out bean!

Reko is the name of the washing station where this coffee is produced. 175 more words


Ethiopian food

Firstly, just a quick update on myself, before I get on to the proper subject of this post, the food in Ethiopia! I have had a fairly quiet week, things feel like they are starting to wrap up a bit, I am nearly at the end of my elective, but, I still have 9 more days here, so am sure to have many more interesting and incredible adventures before I head back to, what I’ve heard, is a rather damp England. 1,247 more words


Primeras impresiones sobre Etiopía - Ethiotrail 2014

Vaya por delante que es complicado describir la mezcla de sentimientos y pensamientos que pueblan mi cabeza tras haber vivido casi dos semanas en Etiopía… 1,185 more words


Costs in Ethiopia

Something a bit different for today, a quick post about the price of living out here in Ethiopia. I can only really give my impression of things that I have had to buy, but will try and predict other costs through what I have asked other people I have met out here… 726 more words


Sunday chill session

In 2 weeks, I’ll be back in England, and probably sleeping a lot after not getting any on the overnight plane, but for today, it was all about relaxing. 777 more words


I’m hoping to keep this one short. My eyes are starting to give up and I fear that I may randomly fall asleep on my laptop whilst writing this. 725 more words