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Ethiopia Beers

Ethiopia not only has a great beer selection that is produced locally, but it is also cheap and available on tap. The more common choices include St.George, Meta Premium, Harar Beer, and Hakim Stout. 64 more words

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Ethiopian Street Foods

Among the crowded markets and along the road, an all too familiar sight caught my attention, street vendors. Each country caters to local delicacies that pop up as snack carts wandering the road, waiting for an unsuspecting passerby to encounter the aroma and remember he or she could use a bite. 125 more words

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Injera isn’t the only popular choice of bread in Ethiopia. Found more commonly south, ambesha is a flat bread made from barely, much like a chapati but leavened and not cooked with oil, almost like pita. 164 more words

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Living in Washington DC area has a great perk – an incredible variety of ethnic restaurants from far-flung regions of the world within reach of any resident.   999 more words


Ethiopian Cottage Restaurant

Saturday night, Petey stopped by Milwaukee and, as is customary with us, we went to dinner.  Exploring international cuisine has been quite fun thus far, so we decided to continue with a new ethnic dining option.  1,068 more words


Spice Blends from Ethiopia

                                              Some regions go the extra mile with food and make it truly unique to the culture. Ethiopian dishes truly live up to that standard with varieties of food that you can find nowhere else. 357 more words

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