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Science Exhibitions & More!

Thailand celebrated its annual National Science Day on 18th August to commemorate the prediction and observation of a solar eclipse on 18th August 1868 by His Majesty King Mongkut (1804-1868).  266 more words

Half Day School

The Rotherham Phenomenon

Over the past day or two it’s been difficult to browse the news without hearing about the Rotherham incident, in which an independent report was made that recorded 1,400 cases of child rape from grooming gangs in the town – a story which no doubt the Daily Mail and Express have been having orgies over. 1,493 more words

Political Stuff

Chinese Indonesians in Post-Suharto Indonesia

Democratisation and Ethnic Minorities: Chinese Indonesians in Post-Suharto Indonesia

Chong Wu Ling

Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore, July 2014

Bagaimana nasib orang Indonesia-Cina di masa post-Suharto? 57 more words

The Ainu Debate and the Continued Existence of 'Indigenous' Tribes

In the midst of the reporting on the tragic landslides that have killed upwards of 30 people in Hiroshima Prefecture, an item of periodic contention on the Japanese agenda has been somewhat overlooked: the recognition of the Ainu. 511 more words


African Women In Comic Books

We always make it about race, it’s always about the colour of the skin, the origins of a person. You only need to mention race and the discussion could go on and on for weeks, months, centuries.  153 more words


This Is Something We Should All Remember

American singer India Arie posted a significant message on her page to remember everyone to take part to the  Global Synchronized Meditation for Peace day on August 8. 7 more words


Stereotype Threat in Medical Education

Stereotype threat is a psychological phenomenon in which people feel at risk of confirming a negative stereotype about their group, even if they don’t believe the stereotype to be true. 294 more words

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