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Conservative Canadian government deemphasizes need and vulnerability in pushing Syrian Muslims to the bottom of the list

The conservative-led Canadian federal government has announced that it will be “prioritizing” ethnic and religious minorities while resettling refugees from Syria. Apparently Muslim Syrian refugees will be pushed to the bottom or off the list entirely of refugees to be resettled. 429 more words


NICEM 20th Anniversary Conference in Conjunction with 15th Human Rights and Racial Equality Conference

The journey to Racial Equality in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in the last decade – what lessons that we learn?

Join us for our 20th Anniversary Conference in conjunction with our 15th Annual Human Rights and Racial Equality Conference in February 2015.

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New Doc Tackles Division Between Blacks in U.S. - The Africa Channel

One polarizing behaviour both communities employ is name-calling, which includes “booty-scratcher” to describe Africans and “Akata” to describe African-Americans. There is a sense that both groups use slurs to identify each other, when these prejudices are inherited from slavery and colonial times in which black people were disrespected by being called names

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Is Sinterklaas a racist tradition?

The door bell rang just as I rolled out of bed.

As soon as I opened the door to my apartment, some blackened-up petes in costume tossed some candy on the floor and smiled brightly, flashing sets of colgatey-white teeth. 662 more words


The Shopping Revolution #9wu

The last time I walked through Mong Kok before it was cleared was November 23. Knowing the clearance was coming, I wanted to document through photographs what it looked like.  3,841 more words


Through Day 50 of the Umbrella Movement

November 9 – Day 43

The Civil Human Rights Front 民間人權陣線, the organization that has organized the annual July 1 marches in protest of Hong Kong’s return to China, held a march up from Central to the Liaison Office in Sheung Wan. 2,331 more words