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A Quick Thought About White America Towards Blacks

I’ve never gotten America. We’re taught to never forget about 9/11, never forget the sinking of the titanic, never forget the holocaust. Though, we shouldn’t forget of tragedies like those, I’m tired of once slavery is brought up we should forget it, or it’s an “uncalled for conversation that is over now”. 108 more words

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An Unexpected Helping Hand: Tracing Ancestors in their Country of Origin

Here are some excellent tips on tracing your ancestors in their country of origin. I know from personal experience how difficult this can be, and I can’t wait to use these tips in my own research. 71 more words


Fashion Frustration.


I’m not the only person that’s in a love/hate relationship with fashion, am I?

I mean not every garment designed or trend created is perfect and a must have. 538 more words


We Are What We Eat

Although many people commonly joke by stating: “you are what you eat,” but in reality what we eat reflects who we are and where we came from. 487 more words


Globalisation and Multiculturalism in 2050

Globalization is described as a ‘multidimensional set of social processes that create, multiply, stretch, and intensify worldwide social interdependencies and exchanges while at the same time fostering in people a growing awareness of deepening connections between the local and the distant’ (Steger, 2004). 559 more words


From Our “Unifying” Government: Revised Gun Form Creates Profiling Opportunities and Other Misuses of Data

It may have taken 15 years for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to amend its gun-purchasing form and another two years for it to make news, but news it should be. 382 more words