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#BeQuotable...Day 16...Quote about Difference...#CJoyBellC

“We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same.

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AC Willis

Whose land is it anyway?

The wind howled in our ears and waves crashed against the boat as we paddled into a head wind, wondering when we’d be able to set up camp for the night. 658 more words


A River City's Latent Possibility

It is the most amazing prospect to look from afar and see an opportunity for life that God serves on a bright plate to a pool of consciousness. 167 more words

Conflict Engagement

Bankster greed fueled Ferguson violence

Finally someone connects two critical dots, the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and the crimes of American banksters and bubble collapse foreclosures.

Pay close attention to this conversation from RT’s The Keiser Report featuring Max Keiser and award-winning investigative journalist Matt Taibbi and you’ll see the extremely close correlations between banking deregulating and oppressive policing on the streets of America’s poorest neighborhoods. 94 more words


The Echo of Tribal Mind

People get along, until the structures and institutions of society get in the way.

I’ve been around neo-nazis and noi, kkk and black israelites. One on one, you can generally reason with people. 379 more words


Facilitating Formation

I’m a strategist. At least so says my StrengthsFinder. My brain is constantly trying to create, recreate, or tweak systems for structuring reality. As a kid I gathered my best friends, started a club, and spent weeks writing complicated bylaws… by hand. 396 more words