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"People want to watch people who look like them"?

by Robert Moorehead

I’m quoted in a French news article on the limited appeal of Japanese television programs in Western countries. The journalist, Mathias Cena, questions the answer Japanese producers gave him as to why many Japanese programs are popular in Asia, but not in the West. 183 more words


A Southern Woman's Narrative

**Trigger warning: a narrative about sexual harassment**

I can’t even remember what I was buying.

Black eyed peas and turnip greens, I’d left Cracker Barrel feeling like I always feel after I eat Cracker Barrel—garbage. 595 more words


Does marrying an East Asian mean you're not racist?

The learned commentator “Pincher Martin” has been arguing on this blog that a white man marrying an East Asian woman is evidence that said man is not racist against black people. 108 more words


Unfair pay for women and people of color

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American women who work full time, year round are paid only 77 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts.

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Indians in the US make the most because they studied the most

It seems pretty clear.

A recent paper from the US Department of Labor spotlighted the diverse earnings dynamics among America’s racial and ethnic groups. This simple takeaway is that those who identify as Indian have earnings that are head and shoulders above the rest. 372 more words

Limited by White

by Ellen Brookes

In a world where the standards of beauty are held explicitly by people of fairer complexion, a damsel, with her ebony hues, would be seen as substandard, under par, or, to put it simply, ugly. 1,247 more words

Race And Ethnicity In The Modern World

The thing about race...

Do not assume we have much in common because we share a similar shade of skin.