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#Ferguson is More Than a Hashtag

I’ve been silent in this space because I do not yet have the words. The death of Michael Brown is still rattling in my heart in part because he was days away from college. 623 more words


Prison Baby: A Memoir by Deborah Jiang Stein

Book Review: Prison Baby: A Memoir (Beacon Press, 2014) by Deborah Jiang Stein

Written in the form of a novel, Prison Baby is an autobiography that tells the life story of Deborah Jiang Stein.   938 more words

Book Review

Gabrielle Gillespie and A Father's Betrayal

Gabrielle Gillespie’s past is unfortunately an all too common story. However for Gabrielle she is arguably one of the lucky ones. 

As a young girl, Gabrielle’s Welsh mother went missing.  494 more words

Book Review

Guest Post: Xiaodi Zhou in a Passionate Response to "Post-Racial America"

I often hear that we are living in a post-racial society; that racism, and the psychological effects from slavery, Reconstruction, segregation, Japanese internment camps, Chinese Exclusion Acts, anti-Semitism (et cetera) — up through the current anti-immigration tide to curb the influx of Latin@ Americans, or the harassment of Arab Americans, are all people being too sensitive. 584 more words

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A little bit about me

Because I have restrained the amount of information I display on here, I decided I will start doing small tags to tell you more about myself. 1,102 more words


John Oliver tackles militarized police & Ferguson

Cutting through the bullshit, when done in a non-plummy British accent, is somehow funnier than the same message conveyed in plain old American media English. But when the accent comes with rapier-sharp wit, the result is simply delicious. 117 more words


What even is intercultural competence??

Please read my last post for more information about my five week service learning experience in Rwanda.

Inter-cultural competence can be defined as “the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures”(Messner, W., & Schäfer, N.2012). 519 more words