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day 22: the soapbox post

**warning** soapbox post ahead…

ok. i was just going to talk about one thing. but then all these other pet peeves came to mind and well. 578 more words


Intersectionality: A Tool For Analysis Of Social Divisions

Intersectionality is a highly contested theory or tool, and also has multiple definitions. Some argue “‘Intersectionality’ refers to the interaction between gender, race and other categories of difference in individual lives, social practices, institutional arrangements and cultural ideologies and the outcome of these interactions in terms of power.” (Davis, K, 2008:58). 4,590 more words


Orphan Testing & the Search for An Origin

Having lately resorted to genetic testing to uncover my immediate genetic family, I confront therefore the panoply of folks, mostly not adopted, who are on a similar (but different) quest for their origin. 1,541 more words


Dear Fellow Caucasians

Dear fellow caucasians,

Even though it’s a rather infrequent phenomenon, there’s something that some of you (not all, but some) do to me that really pisses me off: You say things about other races that you would never say to somebody who belongs to the particular race you are speaking of to me. 286 more words

Dancing with Oppression

I have been immersed in oppression today. Oppression overflowed on my Facebook news feed, and filled the airwaves of NPR. I had a few brushes with people feeling oppressed before I could even get about the work of my day which, for a large part of it, involved working on the syllabus for the undergraduate course on Oppressed Groups that I will be teaching in the Fall. 705 more words

Work And Life

It's Okay to Ask for Help

Reading through the WIN Family Services Twitter feed, I came across a topic of conversation that, with everything going on in the world today,  I felt is worth starting. 271 more words

Mental Health

I Just Saw the Kingdom with My Own Eyes

Two weeks ago I attended a training event that teaches parents how to love and serve children with attachment disorders.  It was a powerful day of learning, crying and feeling more empowered. 113 more words

Church Life