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Hands Up, Don't Shoot

Yesterday I participated in the Mike Brown protest at UMBC in front of the UC. Not just because I’m black and i felt i HAD to but walking past the people who have been there since 8am and thinking of what they were fighting for, I felt at that moment that was the best way I could show my support. 857 more words

Employment Discrimination

Hello Again,

With all of the news on Ferguson, Missouri I felt it appropriate to discuss discrimination within employment. I’m talking about racial discrimination, discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender discrimination, etc. 267 more words

Why did religion evolve?

Even though I’m a hardcore atheist, I like religious fundamentalists, regardless of whether they are Christain, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc, etc. Combining a few of my own ideas with what I’ve overheard over the years, from various scientists talking on television, religion perhaps evolved for the following reasons: 284 more words


Could somebody tell me what's going on?

I have to admit-I have not kept up with the latest news on the events in Ferguson. The range of posts flooding Facebook have ranged from expressions of anger with the jurisdiction to sadness about looting to hurt about the racial hostility that still exists in America. 834 more words

English in America

Like many Americans, I’m a little hazy on my family tree. However, I’ve always thought of myself as predominately British, and assumed that as a former British colony, English descendents would be heavily represented when I mapped them. 187 more words


You Do Not Have My Permission

You do not get to be color-blind.

You do not have my permission.

You do not get to look at my face and my skin and white-wash me. 351 more words

The POWER of Bill Cosby

Even though Bill Cosby is worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollar, his real power comes not from economic capital, but from social capital; specifically moral authority. 731 more words