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I realize that my writing on this blog about war and international relations appears cold, perhaps even harsh.  I tend to emphasize the importance of nationalism, ethnic identity, demographics, and basic geography.  648 more words


Ethnicity and volunteering

Just had a really interesting meeting with Susie Rabin from The Commission on The Voluntary Sector and Ageing http://voluntarysectorageing.org/. They have been working on ageing and the future of the voluntary sector. 330 more words


Black People Scare Me...

I feel as though I need to preface this statement with a reminder that I am mixed race. Although I don’t think that should matter. Issues surrounding race or what we call race is an every colour every, ethnicity issue. 535 more words


The word `Marriage'.

I have had two men in this past week only insinuate marriage to me. I should be skipping with joy and feeling very proud of myself  that guys actually consider me marriage material. 996 more words


The persecution of Emma West continues

Robert Henderson

Emma West  was arrested in November 2011 after she protested about immigration whilst travelling on a bus. Her protest was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube as well as being copied by many national media outlets. 1,356 more words


A Quick Thought About White America Towards Blacks

I’ve never gotten America. We’re taught to never forget about 9/11, never forget the sinking of the titanic, never forget the holocaust. Though, we shouldn’t forget of tragedies like those, I’m tired of once slavery is brought up we should forget it, or it’s an “uncalled for conversation that is over now”. 108 more words

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