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Congratulations!!! Professor Alajaji Receives Tenure in the F&M Music Department

Congratulations to the ethnomusicology professor Sylvia Alajaji for receiving tenure at F&M! Professor Alajaji received her Ph.D. in Musicology from the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music. 171 more words

Wk 9: The Croc

The Crocodile Café & Live Bait Lounge was founded in 1991 by a Seattle attorney named Stephanie Dorgan and stayed open for sixteen years, effectively establishing itself as an iconic piece of Seattle’s music scene. 171 more words

Cool Facts About Performing Arts: Entrainment

Have you ever heard that clocks ticking at different beats will eventually synch up to tick in time? Well, it’s true.

Christiaan Huygens, the Dutch physicist who first identified this process using pendulum clocks, called this curiosity ‘the sympathy of the clocks,’ although what he actually identified was the phenomenon of… 325 more words

Straz Center

Wk 7: Abolishing Ethno?

The very notion that ethnomusicology could potentially be abolished caught me off guard — because it’s a field of study and it’s an intrinsic part of our human history and our culture, surely something like that can’t just go away. 293 more words

In Discipline: Talks from the European Side

As a new graduate student, I’m taking a course on the intellectual history of ethnomusicology this quarter. At least twice in our discussions, classmates have expressed curiosity about what ethno looks like outside of the States. 3,041 more words



I gotta say, at first glance metadata feels very 1984.

That there are digital traces on very nearly everything I do while utilizing the internet that can do everything from reveal my location to infer my relationships with others, and not only that but can be accessed by complete strangers, would have George Orwell throwing up his hands and walking away. 556 more words

In Search of Jewish Nightlife: Class Fieldwork in Berkeley Synagogues

Guidelines for a class debriefing session after two field trips in Berkeley at the end of the Sukkot Festival.

  1. Setting

- Where (location, real estate, interiors) 135 more words