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Applying to Ethnomusicology Grad Schools: Part Two

Hey there, intrepid readers. This is Liza, your first-year ethnomusicology graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I recently read Matthew Wolf-Meyer’s article on applying to anthropology graduate programs, (here’s the link:  504 more words


Wk 3: The Pulse of Society

It has always fascinated me how closely music emulates history.

In the grand scheme of things, this can be said for all art, I suppose. Artists draw from their experiences and produce expressive representations of what they’ve been through in the hopes that someone else can relate to it as well. 422 more words


“Sound-recording equipment John and Alan Lomax transported in the trunk of their car during their fieldwork expeditions” (from http://www.loc.gov/folklife/fieldwork/howto.html).

For class tomorrow we are going to be covering a lot of ground: “Segregating Sounds (1910s – 20s) and Archival Acquisition/Fieldwork.” For the music related readings please consider the following: 209 more words

In Discipline: Talks from the European Side

For this week’s In Discipline post, we are very excited to introduce Franco Daponte from the Universidad de Valladolid in Spain. He, like all our contributors, has some wonderful and timely ideas to share with us about ethnomusicology as a discipline in his part of the world. 5,049 more words


On the Digital Practices in History and Ethnography Interest Group: An Invitation


New members are invited to join the Digital Practices in History and Ethnography Interest Group (DPHE-IG) in the Research Data Alliance (RDA), an international initiative to facilitate the development of effective data practices, standards, and infrastructure in particular research areas, and across research areas–aiming to enhance capacity to archive, preserve, analyze, and share data, and for collaboration both within and across research communities. 218 more words

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Wk 2: World Peace Through Music, Anyone?

“The roles and purposes of the many types of sound and audiovisual archives determine how they will relate to collections and their owners” (Assmann… 475 more words

Wk 2: The AYP and What it Means to Me

First, a personal note: I have never lived in Seattle, nor have I ever visited for longer than a span of a few days. I know very little about the city or its culture other than I’m completely enamored by it on-sight. 486 more words