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In Defence of Templates

The modern day definition of rhetoric focuses on purpose. Why do we write? Why should we write? Many, including They Say I Say authors Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, believe that the answer to those questions is, to persuade. 466 more words

Lucia Gallardo


Ethos is a new restaurant concept which is the first of its kind, that’s opening next week right round the corner from my office. It’s a meat free, serve yourself, pay by weight restaurant that seems to be the future of dining. 376 more words

There is more than one way to answer a reporter...

Time to quickly consider Tanaiste Joan Burton’s cat-related comments today! When Tanaiste Burton was asked a question by a reporter about the capitalisation of the Irish banks, the Tanaiste remarked, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” As t… 243 more words


Visions of Division

On Wednesday, August 20th I attended the rally organised by various Irish pro-choice groups in response to the Migrant X case, which has been dominating headlines, both in Ireland and internationally, since the story broke in late August,. 1,322 more words


'Writing is social as well as solitary'

I’ve been struggling with a piece of writing for an academic journal which needs revising. The editor of the journal sent the two reviewers’ comments to me and my co-author with a simple comment “you’ll see that the one reviewer is a tough customer”. 1,071 more words



“Leaders and manipulators have a very similar set of skills. The difference between the two lies in their true motivation.”

- Kyle Lamb, in Leadership in the Shadows.


Winsor on Communicating Bad News and the Challenger Disaster

C. Jones, Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content: New Riders, 2010.

D. A. Winsor, “Communication failures contributing to the Challenger accident: An example for technical communicators,” Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 308 more words

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