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Mini-Lesson: You're the ad manager

In this short lesson, students worked in small groups to brainstorm & present strategies for appealing to a target audience. I liked that this lesson asked students to apply their understanding of rhetorical appeals that we’ve studied (appeals to ethos, pathos, logos); it also asked them to think critically about advertisements and advertising messages. 500 more words

High School

Ethos @ Oxford Circus

Went to see Anna on Friday and since I was in London I had to try Ethos’ scotch eggs! There’s been a buzz about it online, and it was also pretty popular offline, with people inside constantly asking the manager when the next batch will come out. 167 more words

World Traveller? Me too!

I’ve had the chance to travel quite widely on business, so my experiences have gone well beyond what I might have expected as a child growing up in a Lancashire valley. 1,328 more words

Business Travel

Negative reactions turned positive

If we have ideals and values how do we stick to them during our daily lives? Do we bend and sway with every gust that threatens to tear us down? 566 more words



For me, there’s not much better than the feeling of contentment after an intense ‘sports massage’! Elite athletes consider it an unmissable and totally crucial part of their ‘physical conditioning regime’, to improve performance and boost recovery. 826 more words


Darkness is life

Dingy dark unknown
Expanse of bewilderment
Strewn far and wide
Enveloping all around without care
Dread,dispare and angst
Fill this vestle too the brim
Swetting,shaking and rooted firm… 114 more words


Watch Review: Elegant Fossil Stella ES2944 !!

        On the occasion of  Gurupurab { Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Birthday},November 6th,this year I decided to gift myself a beautiful timepiece for my wrist, as I walked into the Ethos Studio in Sector 8-C, Chandigarh. 220 more words