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Modern Civility with Cynthia Lett

Join Cynthia W. Lett, an internationally respected protocol & etiquette expert, trainer, speaker, and author, as she interviews experts in various aspects of business success. In every episode, you will learn proper etiquette tips that if practiced will help you rise to your success.

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Sunglasses Etiquette

Sunglasses are more popular than ever and are a big fashion statement for many. Remember those large dark glasses Jacqueline Kennedy made famous? How about Audrey Hepburn in the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” And then there were those iconic aviator style glasses that Tom Cruise wore in the movie, “Top Gun.” 378 more words

Etiquette expert offers advice in honour of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

We love our cell phones … sometimes a bit too much. They’re a wonderful invention. But our smartphones have also become one of  ourgreatest distractions.  358 more words