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My Guest Blogger, Rosalinda Randall

I am so happy to have fellow etiquette consultant, Rosalind Randall as my guest blogger. She shares her advice on dealing with young adult children coming home from college and the challenges it presents on both sides. 580 more words

Administrative Assistant's Day

Showing Appreciation Everyday

In the U.S. this is the time we celebrate Administrative Assistant’s Day and week. Traditionally, a time for the boss to recognize their assistants for all of their hard work throughout the year. 250 more words

The Questions You Should Never Ask

While at a social event recently I bumped into a woman I had not seen in a number of years. As often happens, our discussion got around to etiquette and rude behavior. 176 more words

A few years ago I was engaged by the director of a medical residency program in my community to teach the program residents table manners. Now, you may wonder why medical residents need to know how to navigate a dining table gracefully. 799 more words

How to Eat Pasta


There is a debate about how to eat pasta, even among etiquette experts. I have seen both methods listed as “correct” in American etiquette books. And I too, have seen both methods of eating spaghetti while dining with others. 260 more words

Keeping Your Patients Well Informed

Keeping Your Patients Well Informed

Are you giving your patients adequate information after a surgery or a major procedure? It may be time to re-evaluate your patient education materials and or the way you respond to patient questions. 479 more words

Modern Medical Attire

It has been said, that the way we are dressed can influence the way we work and how we are perceived by others. This point was made when my colleague and fellow medical etiquette trainer, Darlene Das in Hendersonville, N.C. 465 more words