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How The Queen Sets a Good Example


I am re-posting this as I found this an interesting site and a good article.

It is relevant here as it speaks of the Royal Family adapting and changing to the times to stay relevant. 64 more words

Race Etiquette - Or How Not To Run With Your Head Up Your Butt

As we officially kick off the race season – or at least the one that REALLY matters, (you know what I’m talking about)…

…I think it would only be responsible to cover the rules of the road.   854 more words


"Would You Mind Splitting This?"

One of the things I struggle with as a modern woman and feminist is figuring out who should pay for a date. There are a number of different options out there, the most common of which is the idea that men should always, without fail, pay for the woman.   1,631 more words


"When should you show up to a party?"

That is the key question posed in this fun essay by Walt Hickey, who now writes for FiveThirtyEight and who graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in applied mathematics.  191 more words



Oct 11, 1913


IT has been the custom for many years—probably ever since the grandchildren of Adam captured their first slave—to deplore the increasingly bad manners of the “lower classes.” During the past week a lady has published a book in which she describes the horrid effects which residence in America has upon the manners of an English servant-girl. 1,927 more words


Flirting, when done correctly, is a key that can unlock many doors – not just hearts. A little purr can only increase your bargaining power. This is an essential social skill that’s less about what you say, more about how you say it. 397 more words


Etiquette and Manner Smooth Our Society



Etiquette and Manner Smooth Our Society

Often we hear the words “Behave yourself!” Parents, teachers and adults yell at children. Do you think that children know the meaning of these words? 318 more words