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Guest etiquette.

We hear about bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen etiquette all the time, but did you know there’s also guest etiquette?

This particular and special type of etiquette should not be ignored, because let’s be real: nobody wants the wedding ruined by a guest. 393 more words

It's Not About You!

Let me start by saying that my daughter is not a selfish person, she does not think the world revolves around her. OK, with that said, I believe she learned a huge, maybe one of the most important elements of customer service at her summer job this summer. 358 more words

Customer Service

Actor's Etiquette: It's Not Your Scene

Knowing what to focus on and when is part of good storytelling.

Is your character the focus of the scene, or does it “belong” to someone else?  413 more words


5 Tips for a Thoughtful Thank You Note

Many people underestimate the power of a handwritten note and it is a novelty I fear our society is losing. Isn’t it always the handwritten notes that mean the most? 296 more words

Spa Etiquette

Since my mother owned a spa while I was stumbling through high school and I work at a spa now, I thought I should do a post on the Do’s and DO NOT EVER’s of the business. 1,158 more words

The Daily Read: Know Your Office Food Etiquette

I know what you had for lunch today. I could smell it ten miles away.

Remember when you were little and your mom packed you a tuna sandwich for lunch? 445 more words

The Daily Read

London life.

We’ve all heard of foreign places where you’re not allowed to show your ankle flesh or even places where its ‘polite’ to burp after a meal… (My father frequently uses this excuse.) However it seems London and the delightful people in the city have their ‘own’ etiquette… And no I’m not talking about cockney rhyming slang and eating pie and mash… I’m talking about everyday people that you might see on a day trip to London. 691 more words