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Business Time

Juan Should avoid being a dead fish, going in too hard or finishing too quickly.


Like the clappers

The West Weekend Magazine

Published: Saturday, January 24, 2015

Byline: Ros Thomas

Rough landings test my nerves. Belted tightly into my window seat, I stared at the wing tip flexing violently. 813 more words


Feminine Self-Care

As a feminine or aspiring feminine woman, dear reader, you deserve to pamper yourself.

All women do, but the unfortunate fact is that so many do not. 893 more words


Sitting Like a Lady

The other night, I was watching an entertainment news show and noticed a small, yet very prominent difference about the three women on camera. Two were sitting with their leg over the other knee while the third sat with her legs crossed at her ankles. 328 more words


Which Team Wins the Etiquette Super Bowl

Everyone knows that the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will battle it out on Sunday in the Super Bowl. For the past few weeks, sports analysts have been breaking down every aspect of the teams’ performance and predicting the game’s outcome. 533 more words


What is there in a name?

Digvijaya Singh, Congress General Secretary and a Rajya Sabha M.P. called names to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the extent that he was a megalomaniac and that he was the one who didn’t follow the constitutional etiquette by addressing American President Barack Obama by his first name Barack in contrast to how the American President addressed Mody as Mr.Prime Minister during his recent visit to India. 158 more words


Dos and Don'ts in Clan Chat

I love Clash of Clans and over the months that I’ve been playing this game, I made friends with a lot of players already and met some fairly odd ones too. 198 more words