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Should kids be at your wedding?

The infamous should kids be at your wedding question. Dum dum dum.

This question will be different for every person. Do you have kids? Do you have nieces and nephews? 305 more words


ill taste

Hopefully, what you have to do so bad you can taste it won’t be in bad taste.


Things Social Media Users Should Have Learned By Now

I’m writing this on a Thursday afternoon in the year 2014, genuinely amazed that I have to actually do so. It’s come to my attention that teenagers, preteens, and even adults of the world are still behind on social media etiquette and respecting others. 529 more words

At the Movies: Etiquette for the Movie Goer

The summer movie season is in full swing but a disturbing trend is occurring at theaters across the country: movie patrons are forgetting, or just plain ignoring, the common courtesies involved a night at the movies. 618 more words


Three Thrills by Thursday

First. This video is of a 13 year old Maasai boy who is using solar panels to deter lions from terrorizing their livestock. I was fortunate enough to take a trip to East Africa a few years ago and visit a few Maasai tribes, they are truly incredible people and I think it’s incredible that this innovative boy is preserving his heritage. 134 more words

The shady aspect of Sunglasses; 31-July-2014

How we dress up tells a lot about us to others. And, that includes accessories such as caps, belts, and sunglasses! Think of Howard Wolowitz of Big Bang Theory – his colourful trousers and belt give him a different identity. 65 more words

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