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teaching tip #42. learn email etiquette.

  • be brief and summarize.  no one likes a long email.  your time (and every other teachers’  time) is valuable.  so make your messages short and sweet.  
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Step Out With Your Lady And Make A Statement

When you and your lady step out. Step out to make a statement! When you and her enter a room turn some heads and quiet some chatter. Dress and act to impress.


The only problem of Pakistan: Social

There is an academic aspect of communication called power distance. There are two types of power distances; high-power-distance and low-power-distance. Each culture sets a specific power distance between its individuals. 2,116 more words

Etiquette Classes at Farm Stand

Today more than ever it is important for adults and children to understand how to communicate with confidence to create a great impression. Please Pass The Manners… 158 more words

A  gentleman knows how to securely navigate an evening on the town. Well most gentlemen know how to to do it. If  you are a guy that needs a refresher course  or a straight out of the gate tutorial on evening etiquette then this post is for you.


Drafting rules

“Cutting in” is not a fair choice!

Triathlon Australian Race Competition Rule 3.11 (b) states “When passing a forward competitor or motorcycle, the rear competitor is allowed a maximum of 15 seconds to pass through the 7 metre draft zone and 25 seconds to pass through the 12 metre draft zone.” 68 more words