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The lost art of the (Host)ess gift.

It used to be that you would never dare to show up to a dinner party without a gift in hand. Gone may be the days of bringing your hostess lavish crystal or a pair of mourning doves when you arrive at the manor for a weekend stay, but we haven’t become complete savages. 776 more words

Social Media Etiquette: Instagram

So, after years of being told, “no, seriously it’s so much better than Facebook pictures. There’s like… filters and shit that make it look so artsy!” you’ve given in to getting an instagram. 862 more words


Running etiquette

May 17, 2014

By Brian Partlow

Periodically I have thoughts on running etiquette.  I’d like to share them with you every once in a while, and I’ll mark them with the “etiquette” tag.  376 more words

2 Upcoming Movies Bros Can't Miss

If there ever were two movies that any bro would ever want to watch, it would be the two set to make their debuts in 2015. 1,027 more words


15 Perfect Summer Hostess Gifts

Planning on kicking up your feet at your friend’s beachside retreat? Or spending the weekend with a pal at their Paris apartment? One of the best parts of summer is getting to catch up with friends while taking advantage that some of them have homes in cool locales. 69 more words


A Negative Image

I am largely an autodidact, which is why it was out of character for me to find myself this Wednesday at a studio class on color and abstraction. 569 more words


Actor's Etiquette: The Little Old Deaf Lady in the Back Row

This is a matter of courtesy to your audience, not your co-workers.

The audience would like to hear what you are saying.  A good script has had all extraneous words excised from it.  613 more words