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Preparing to Interact Socially in Italian

1) Italian Culture and Traditions:

  • Riposo = Ranging between the hours of 12-4pm, Italy shuts down to allow the locals to rest after a long and hectic morning, and they prepare for the busy afternoon. 
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Immersion by Party: In Which I Speak Terrible German, Sing the Beatles and Try Schnapps

An innocuous slip of paper in my mailbox began it all. The American translation was this:

  • We’re having a party, so don’t complain if it’s too loud, because we just warned you.
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Dear man on bike in front of me in spin class. Your cologne is making me sick. Please wear less next time or I may throw up on you. 310 more words

Etiquette on eating oranges and lettuce, 1922

Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage by Emily Post, New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls Co, 1922/37.

In well appointed houses a silver-bladed knife should be given you with all leafy salads, but if you happen to be given none, you do the best you can by cutting each leaf into very small pieces and eating it in postage-stamp samples. 111 more words


Preparing to Interact Socially in Spanish

I am a native English speaker. I use to know more Spanish and French when I was a child, but have lost the language due to lack of use. 889 more words


No, I Wasn't Serious When I Said Let's Split the Check

Is chivalry really dead?

Unfortunately, it’s a question I had to ask myself following a recent date with a young man whose gentlemanliness was on par with that of Al Bundy. 643 more words

Young Professional

Subway shamer has dirty details on bad train behavior

Taking up two seats.

Leaning on the pole.

Eating food with pungent odors.

Clipping fingernails.

Sex on the subway.

Train riders often encounter some outrageous and odd behavior. 111 more words