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Easy Etiquette Tips for Guests

This summer while interning at a wedding & special events venue I had the opportunity to work tons of events and interact with tons of guests. 497 more words

23 things you'll wish you did when you're older

1. Take time to see the event first hand, not just only through the lens of a camera. Don’t live retrospectively. You do not need to photograph every mundane thing. 626 more words


Destressing By Picking The Right Clothes

Guest Blogger: Tiara Nicole Robinson of RuthEllen

The Business

So, it seems that along with growth, both professionally and personally, comes more responsibility.  As the gained responsibility increases, so does the need for more time and for some reason, time seems to quickly and quietly just…slip away.   644 more words

Business Etiquette

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In honor of the recent major accomplishment of Scarlet's friend, Tiara Nicole Robinson and her organization, Ruth Ellen, we are re-releasing her guest blog post on Scarlet's site focused on Destressing through Proper Clothing Selection! It was a really popular piece, so in case you missed it, here it is again! Congratulations on your successful show over the weekend and continue to make us proud!

How To Act Around Someone Who Was Just Diagnosed With Cancer

This story originally appeared on xoJane.com.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer two years ago.

It was a confusing whirlwind where I felt more alive than ever, then flushed with the irony of that, became scared and isolated. 1,594 more words

Phone Etiquette 101

I am on the phone alot!!! My work consist of me being on the phone 75% of the time, with doctors offices, hospitals, insurance companies, etc… I have noticed that lack of proffesionalism when speaking with other professionals. 353 more words

Treat Yourself

As far back as time can trace it has been tradition for kids as young as 2 and as old as 14 (and that’s really pushing it) to go around their neighborhood or the one with the most houses and annoy the shit out of the people living there until they give you as much candy as possible. 342 more words


52 Mondays – Number 3, Tattoo Etiquette

In-case you couldn’t tell I’m one of those amongst us with skin illustrations and I’m fairly certain that it’s like being pregnant… EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!! 357 more words