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Office Etiquette... part two!

My sister-in-law recently asked me for some office etiquette tips, so I will oblige and advise both her and my fine readers on some handy hints to use in the workplace! 225 more words

Could cuddling a dog be harrassment?

Imagine if a person, particularly someone you don’t know, suddenly grabs you around the waist and, despite your resistance, squeezes – maybe even starts humping you, what would you do? 578 more words

Body Language

Picking a Date - Who to Consider

When picking your wedding date, there are a few people you need to consider.  After all, there are some people who you really want to be present on your big day.   418 more words

Emily's Tips

5 Things that non-vegetarians hate .

So it a series of highly ridiculous situations that led me to write this. Honestly, I never believed I would ever write on a topic like this, I’m being serious , I always thought I had deeper thoughts to write about much more solid content but here comes the outrageous inner me who is no more interested in being a non-vegetarian. 1,838 more words

5things We Hate

Wie Geht Man Mit Verstorbenen Elternteilen Auf Der Hochzeit Um...?

Egal wie lange es her ist, das ein (oder beide) Elternteil(e) oder Geschwister verstorben sind, am Hochzeitstag kommen immer Erinnerungen hoch, und die meisten Bräute bzw. 591 more words


Tipping Etiquette

Been super busy studying for my online classes and for my certification I haven’t had time to post. Here’s a great article from TravelAgentCentral.com on tipping etiquette for people that work in airports, hotels and restaurants.  7 more words

Travel Tips

Facebook, and the Incredible Rudeness of Strangers

I know I must be getting middle-aged when I start penning off about the lamentable manners of others, tutting meaningfully, and tapping at keys with outraged zeal. 972 more words

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