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Etnies' Excess Baggage with Axel Cruysberghs

Filmed all over the world, spanning an entire year, this is the excess footage of Axel Cruysberghs from etnies Presents: AB&A.


Axel Cruysberghs for Etnies : "Excess Baggage" video - BELGIUM

Here you have the the excess footage of Axel Cruysberghs from the Etnies video “AB&A”.


Ryan Sheckler Interview - Sidewalk Magazine Product Guide 2013

‘The Marana’ is your seventh shoe with etnies and the one that seems  most specifically catered to your style of skateboarding. How has the design  process changed over the years? 604 more words

Sidewalk Magazine


Sergio Layos come to visit us on summer 2013, so I had the opportunity to take some pictures with him at Kampsa II and Leioa skate park. 11 more words

Casper Söderström for Etnies : welcome video - SWEDEN

Casper Söderström is the new rider of the Swedish Etnies team and here is the welcome clip.



Exercise 3 & 4: Judging Colour Temperature

In this exercise and the next I am tasked to look at colour temperature and white balance, how we judge it while photographing and how different technical facilities in camera and later in software editing programs can solve the tonal or colour cast differences in an image. 651 more words


Etnies Europe "Free Skate Tour" in Manchester : video - UK

Check the video of the Etnies Europe in Manchester for the “Free Skate Tour”

skaters : Axel Cruysberghs, Lois Pendlebury, Nick Remon and Nicky Howells