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Word Mystery: go / ir / aller

Wednesdays, I explore the linguistic origins of the same word in different languages.

Chalk this up to another Word Mystery I should have gotten to a lot sooner, but I am most likely to miss things that are obvious, so it’s not that surprising. 255 more words



Flood: Rain and snow that have been transformed by the continuous extension of the earth into a continuous substance. As they are bound to the moon, they flow, between the moon and the earth. 14 more words


Chakra of the Week: The Unstruck Anahata



Anahata: The Unstruck

The Heart Chakra is the center for unconditional love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and tolerance. The Heart is the seat of the Soul. 140 more words



English took the word nuance, which means ‘a slight shade of difference,’ directly from French. Old French had created that noun from the verb… 105 more words

Spanish Language

Look Before Crossing

      The juvenile display of fireworks shot off from the dry hills that ignited the dry grass to celebrate the freedom to drink wan beer from an assembly line that tastes like armadillo piss, and urinate in public on at least one special occasion each year with impunity, burned two hillsides above the public golf course, manzanitas, firs, and live oaks mostly, along with lots of the wild berries enjoyed by adorable yellow warblers, and poison oak. 1,270 more words



Pain in the ear; earache. Latin “otalgia” < Greek “otalgia” < “oto-”=ear + “-algia”=suffix creating nouns related to pain.


Solipsism: WotW

Solipsism is, in the commonest sense, egocentrism taken to an extreme.  More technically, solipsism is a school of philosophy (which is why it is an ‘ism) that was seeded around the year 400 BCE.  282 more words