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EU 2014: Spain and Sweden

Finally, I can wrap up this summer-long analysis of the results of the EP elections in the EU’s 28 member-states, with a final look at the last two member-states in this series – Spain and Sweden. 17,972 more words

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Slovenia 2014

Legislative elections were held in Slovenia on July 13, 2014. This followed the EP election held in Slovenia on May 25, 2014.

All 90 members of the National Assembly (Državni zbor) were up for reelection. 9,454 more words

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EU 2014: Poland to Slovakia

This next post on the May EP elections covers Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia – Slovenia, which had legislative elections on July 13, will be covered separately. 17,932 more words

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EU Commission to decide on future energy efficiency policy

The EU Commission have come together to decide on an energy efficiency target for 2030. The agreement in the form of the Energy Efficiency Review is to be published tomorrow, the 23 July. 164 more words

Energy Efficiency

EU 2014: Latvia to the Netherlands

The next installment in our overview of the May 2014 EP elections in the European Union takes us to several small member-states but also the Netherlands. 17,246 more words

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EU 2014: Italy

The European Parliament elections were held in Italy on May 25, 2014. Alongside them, the first round of municipal elections in nearly half of all communes and regional elections in two regions were held. 16,745 more words

Regional And Local Elections

Reding swaps EU Commission for Parliament

Former Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is taking up her seat in the European Parliament, following her success in the May elections. Reding ran for election in her native Luxembourg for the Christian-democratic party CSV and recieved almost double the amount of votes than the next successful candidate. 54 more words