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This Tree is a Eucalyptus which I was given for helping a friend out . I believe it is Eucalyptus marginata. When I first took possesion it was growing in a 60 ltr tub and roots were in a tangled bind. 77 more words


Monitor Eucalyptus JVMs with Zabbix

Zabbix is a rich monitoring system, which support SNMP, JMX, IPMI and uses its own agents for more functionality.
The great advantage of Zabbix is that it is self-sufficient : all the tools you need are in the packages and got connected to each others, whereas on Nagios you have to add tens of plugins. 187 more words

Eucalyptus Block Storage Service with Ceph RBD

Press: HP acquires Eucalyptus :)

Embracing open source technology is not something new to us and here at Eucalyptus we practice this everyday. In Eucalyptus 4.1.0, we chose this beautiful commodity storage technology Ceph for our Block Storage Service. 473 more words