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Tuesday 22nd July 2014:

Today I am thankful for wood. Parts of my lovely home are built from it, the table and chairs we sit at are shaped from it, the trees that surround us are made from it, the decking we sit on is carved from it, even the bowl we have our fruit in is crafted from it. 68 more words


Please Hold My Hand

Metanoia.  A Greek term meaning repentance; to go beyond one’s mindset, to release previous misconceptions and embrace a new way of thinking, to stop walking in one direction and turn around, forsaking it for another way. 881 more words



No. 1 Reason Why I Got A Tattoo
I like how they look, plain and simple.
I think they’re a beautiful, artistic way to express yourself, and in many ways they’re a lovely form of expression on the part of the tattoo artist. 308 more words


Afternoon, and the beach becomes another elegant art, a mosaic of striking contrasts.  I love the seascape for the way she changes, for the intensity of her perspectives.   1,186 more words


Muddy Boots

Seeing God?


It’s like walking through

a swamp.

And you get mud on your boots.

And the mud builds and builds,

clay caked on until it feels… 149 more words


Prayer of Delight

Lord of my heart,

Almighty God my Father,

Jesus Christ His Son,

Holy Spirit my Gentle Mother,

the Three in One

May I ever rest in… 24 more words


Prayer of Presence

Lord God,

May Your presence be my light today.

May I rest in the nearness of You;

even though darkness is around me,

You… 38 more words