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My Yurt, My Home

My Yurt. A place of rest. A place of challenge. A place of refuge. A place where character is built, and life has become unsettled. A place where God is calling me to “Let go and let him do his work.” Oh but how hard it is. 998 more words

LIving Life In A Yurt


Let me be the flame tonight,

the heat in your soul to heal your heart

and help keep it whole.

I will be the campfire for you to sit around, 66 more words


Sunset Series 1.4

whispers of down streaking through the blue,

pure and perfect.

feathers from angel’s wings fall at the death of day.

sometimes, they show you

other segments of their skeletons– 53 more words


Sunset Series 1.2

the smile comes

as a gentle curve to her lips,

and it complements her hips

as she stays true, swaying to

the music in her soul. 20 more words


Sunset Series 1.1

Sunday night, I went on the balcony of the student commons and watched the sun set.  I have a thing for sunsets–such emotion, such bravery, such wonder, such awe.   89 more words



sweet on the tongue,

balancing, lingering–

singularly sticky-sweet,

honey liquid gold,

glistening drops drip down

delicately, a delicacy

for the earthy carpet it nurses,

a feast on the air for all… 11 more words


About The Notebook--No, Not THAT Notebook

I found an intriguing draft in my notebook, something I probably wrote in July or early August.  I don’t always put dates on my poems, but I started doing it in Toronto.   560 more words