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I am a blacksmith pounding away at my sins—

anvil to flint sends sparks bright and sharp

biting away the darkness in me

showing my colors for the world to see… 244 more words


The End Is Where We Begin

The last few days anywhere are hard.  Whether you leave on good or bad terms, there is stress.  There is nostalgia over what once was, what has long past, memories made and experienced lived.   1,383 more words


The Most Bitter Sweet

I started freaking out last night.  My anxiety had been grating my nerves all day, and I have not been getting much sleep lately.  It’s quite the combination.   940 more words


Blissfully Existing

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon.  I ended up sleeping for maybe an hour, before I had to get up for church.  The sermon was good, yet gave me a bittersweet feeling.   410 more words


Soul Twins

It’s 4:30 in the morning.  Don’t worry, I have’t stayed up all night.  I have only gotten about 3 hours of sleep though, but that’s okay too.   810 more words


Back to School Battles

It’s the first day of August.  This month has always meant one thing: school starts.  I’ve always lived back to school shopping–and no, not for clothes.   700 more words


for building

He builds conversations out of her gratitude.  Right now, while I write.  I stop typing to listen, to respond, to touch him on the cheek. 1,517 more words