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Euclid's Geometric Propositions? Child's Play

When he was a child, Blaise Pascal once locked himself in his room for several days and would not allow anyone to enter. When he emerged, he had figured out all of Euclid’s geometrical propositions totally on his own.



TREN HRD 2015: CEO dan Manajemen, Employer Branding, Media Sosial

Melanjutkan artikel saya yang ini, saya tertarik dengan apa yang akan ngehits di 2015 terutama di bidang HRD. Seiring dengan perkembangan zaman, penggunaan media sosial tentu tak akan lepas termasuk di departemen yang kerjaannya memberi “ 224 more words


Competitive Programming - Euclid's Algorithm

So, to get started with competitive programming mathematics, we’ll begin with the Euclid’s algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor(GCD).
Given two non-negative numbers a and b. 385 more words


All things being equal

Some of the greatest insights and inventions are obvious once they have been pointed out to you and you wonder how you could not have spotted them yourself. 341 more words

Engineering Soapbox


PapaEuclid, the visioneer of PapaEuclid Communications, is set to release his maiden book in a short ceremony, come January 2015. The book titled, “GILGAL TO JORDAN” will go deep on the journey of one out-going Prophet and an incoming one. 32 more words

What is a proof, really?

What is a mathematical proof? Way back when I was a college freshman, I could give you a precise answer: A proof of a statement S is a finite sequence of assertions S(1), S(2), … S(n) such that S(n) = S and each S(i) is either an axiom or else follows from one or more of the preceding statements S(1), …,S(i-1) by a direct application of a valid rule of inference. 1,115 more words

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