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How to find GCD of two numbers?

I am reading Scott Aaronson’s lecture notes on Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science to get inspiration and overview of the field. The notes encompass logic, math, computational complexity, cryptography, quantum computing and more. 538 more words


Non Euclidean Geometry III - Breakthrough Into New Worlds

Non Euclidean Geometry – Spherical Geometry

This article follow on from Non Euclidean Geometry – An Introduction – read that first!

Most geometers up until the 19th century had focused on trying to prove that Euclid’s 5th (parallel) postulate was true.  616 more words

Real Life Maths

Non-Euclidean Geometry II - Attempts to Prove Euclid

Non-Euclidean Geometry – A New Universe

This post follows on from Non-Euclidean Geometry – An Introduction – read that one first! 

The Hungarian army officer and mathematician Johan Bolyai wrote to his father in 1823 in excitement at his mathematical breakthrough with regards to the parallel postulate.  837 more words

Real Life Maths

The Elements of Geometry

Some time ago, I wrote about Alexandria, the most important city in history, briefly discussing the lives of just 17 of the men and women that made it so. 953 more words


Nonplanar Geometries

I’ve been reading up a bit on nonplanar geometry recently.

The geometry with which most of us are familiar is planar geometry, described by the great Greek mathematician Euclid. 636 more words


First Friday Poem


Old Euclid drew a circle
On a sand-beach long ago.
He bounded and enclosed it
With angles thus and so.
His set of solemn greybeards… 34 more words

First Friday Poem