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Vectors, by Gordon Lawrie

If you can recall your school mathematics lessons, ‘vectors’ are distances to which direction has been applied. Their practical use really only dates from the mid-eighteenth century, but they’re known as ‘Euclidean’ vectors because it was the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid who first spotted their importance. 55 more words


Euclid's theorem

I didn’t feel like putting my thoughts about us into words today. So I did something completely different just for fun. I hope someone enjoys it. 70 more words


Non Euclidean Geometry IV - New Universes

Non Euclidean Geometry IV – New Universes

The 19th century saw mathematicians finally throw off the shackles of Euclid’s 5th (parallel) postulate – and go on to discover a bewildering array of geometries which no longer took this assumption about parallel lines as an axiomatic fact. 759 more words

Real Life Maths

How to find GCD of two numbers?

I am reading Scott Aaronson’s lecture notes on Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science to get inspiration and overview of the field. The notes encompass logic, math, computational complexity, cryptography, quantum computing and more. 538 more words


Non Euclidean Geometry III - Breakthrough Into New Worlds

Non Euclidean Geometry – Spherical Geometry

This article follow on from Non Euclidean Geometry – An Introduction – read that first!

Most geometers up until the 19th century had focused on trying to prove that Euclid’s 5th (parallel) postulate was true.  616 more words

Real Life Maths