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PapaEuclid, the visioneer of PapaEuclid Communications, is set to release his maiden book in a short ceremony, come January 2015. The book titled, “GILGAL TO JORDAN” will go deep on the journey of one out-going Prophet and an incoming one. 32 more words

What is a proof, really?

What is a mathematical proof? Way back when I was a college freshman, I could give you a precise answer: A proof of a statement S is a finite sequence of assertions S(1), S(2), … S(n) such that S(n) = S and each S(i) is either an axiom or else follows from one or more of the preceding statements S(1), …,S(i-1) by a direct application of a valid rule of inference. 1,115 more words

Mathematics Education

Call for Papers - Big Data Track - European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015


European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2015
Track on Big Data


May 25-29, 2015
Münster, Germany


ECIS 2015 pursues the theme “The Networked Society” to reflect that information systems affect every aspect of our society. 647 more words

Euclid and the Sword

I have written, often, about one of my personal heroes from history, Euclid of Alexandria, who wrote a textbook called Elements which would serve as the foundation for all Western mathematics for 2000 years. 1,235 more words


Apologies to Euclid....

‘Given the option we would all choose to live in a house of the imagination…’

…A riddle is a trick played with words.

And this word ‘trick’ is interesting for it too has a three in it. 348 more words


My way *is* the highway

(Gakumon ni oudou nashi; “There is no royal road in learning”)


There is no easy way, no quick fix or magic bullet, for mastering a field of study. 339 more words


Elementary, My Dear Euclid: A Girl Scout Gold Award Project

Girl Scout and 2014 Distinguished Women’s Shadow Girl Ashi hosted an elementary math competition and festival for girls in Howard County on September 27, 2014. Elementary school girls were provided with a chance to develop their critical thinking skills and to use these skills to answer a series of math questions in a written test where the top scorers were advanced to a speed round. 35 more words