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Everything You Need To Know About 'Dazzle The District' At PlayhouseSquare May 2nd

Are you ready to be a part of Cleveland history? PlayhouseSquare has been making some major changes to the look of their neighborhood – and we should know, our New 102 studios are located in the heart of all the action! 308 more words


Excursion 20, Part 1 (The One Percent Shore)

In which our intrepid hero has an eerie feeling…

Every year the swallows come to Capistrano and the geeks come to Cleveland, because Cleveland is the mecca for a very geeky hobby, a World War II strategy boardgame called Advanced Squad Leader.  1,103 more words


On the notion of Number 2

Copied from my thread on the Ausdehnungslehre at Fractalforums.com just google “jehovajah whatever”


While I cannot quite frame it yet I have the notion of the logarithm of rotations. 1,915 more words

Aljafería Palace (Qasr al-Jaʿfariya)

Aljaferia Palace is one of the most beautiful Islamic palaces which can be visited in Spain. It was built in the second half of the 11th century in the Moorish taifa os Saraqusta (present day Zaragoza) by the King al-Muqtâdir Bânû Hûd. 418 more words


Constructing A Heptadecagon

Note: The Healing Garden gardener’s pledge to a Healing Garden portrait each day was always intended to include a watercoloring. On our present quest for practice of our brushwork we have been reading three books. 582 more words

The great outdoors

There are many things I could say, many thoughts and impressions that come to mind when I think of the spectacular phenomenon that is people from Syracuse and Rochester flooding out of their homes on the first days of Spring. 490 more words


Carlos' Garden

Note: A few weeks ago, Carlos and his Mom approached me and asked if I would help Carlos with his vegetable plot. We have been working together each Sunday for an hour or two. 790 more words