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Mathematics History Matters

The following is the fourth in a series of posts covering Shormann Mathematics, Algebra 1, the newest product from DIVE Math and Science! Click here… 268 more words

Teaching Mathematics

Taschen love has now infected us here at Bookshelf Cinema. The bookshelf of Alan Sparks, Director of ISEA, has brought our attention to two extraordinary works. 122 more words


[Fiction] Hãy Lắng Nghe Giai Điệu Của Bầu Trời _ 1. Không Gian Euclid

1. Không Gian Euclid


“Trong không gian nhiều hơn hai chiều, hai đường thẳng có thể không song song nhau mà cũng chẳng cắt nhau, chúng không đồng phẳng và không có điểm chung – hai đường thẳng như vậy gọi là hai đường thẳng chéo nhau.” 682 more words

Bi Kịch

Non Euclidean Geometry V - The Shape of the Universe

Non Euclidean Geometry V – Pseudospheres and other amazing shapes

Non Euclidean geometry takes place on a number of weird and wonderful shapes.  Remember, one of fundamental questions mathematicians investigating the parallel postulate were asking was how many degrees would a triangle have in that geometry- and it turns out that this question can be answered depending on something called Gaussian curvature. 749 more words

Real Life Maths

A Puzzle to Challenge (One More Day)

A couple days ago I posted this little puzzle and am re-posting again, hoping you may take just a little bit of time this weekend to try to solve it. 226 more words

Not a waste of time

At the risk of sounding like an opinionated puritanical zealot, I think computer games are a waste of precious time. There is just too much cool stuff to learn and to do to spend hours each day playing stupid games on a computer. 423 more words

The Joy Of Craft

A Puzzle to Challenge

I used to use this little puzzle in my Introduction to World Religions and pose it now to whomever may read this post.

The object is to connect all nine dots by using no more than four lines. 170 more words