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when my "stuff" is not together

Bloggers are supposed to have their “stuff” (or whatever word signifying one’s essential wherewithal) together.

Via Facebook, people, responding to a delightfully open-ended, non-directive question (What’s on your mind?), typically share with family and friends and cyber-kinships latest news, meditative musings, and flash, succinctly-expressed observations of life in this world. 430 more words

A Personal Reflection

Bring Some Extra Blankets

David Auburn won the Pulitzer Prize in 2001 for his play Proof, which is probably the only reason that Lost Lake is being produced now by the Manhattan Theatre Club.   368 more words


Escaping to Cape Cod

When the Pilgrim Fathers sailed to America in 1620, they were a touch cagey at first about coming ashore. The pilgrims sailed up and down Cape Cod for a month, eventually weighing anchor in Provincetown harbour where they wrote and signed their founding document, the Mayflower Compact. 903 more words

Travel Writing

Tairov and Koonen plaque, Moscow

This plaque commemorating the great husband-and-wife theater team of director Alexander Tairov and actress Alisa Koonen hangs in the left-hand foyer of the Pushkin Theater. It is located next to the door leading backstage, where Koonen and Tairov would have spent most of their time when they worked here between 1914 and 1949, and when the theater was called the Kamerny, or Chamber, Theater. 943 more words

Memorial Plaques To Theater Artists

James O'Neill

As we all know Eugene O’Neill was very sad about his father, James O’Neill.  Gene—and many others—felt that James was a wonderful actor and that he could have a major part in any American play he cared to be in!  127 more words

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