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How Euphemisms Keep Life Surprising

Sometimes, it’s better not to spell out the exact thing you mean. In that case, it helps to use words that put a fuzzy-sunrise filter on the issue instead. 495 more words


Words: A Window to the Mind? Yes. Sort of…but maybe not.

I’ve created a Google alert for language related articles, so that instead of searching for something to write about each week, the stories come to me. 387 more words

Language In The News

Language rules of the Third Reich

Last week I read Eichmann in Jerusalem by Hannah Arendt, and thought the following passage would be of interest to readers of Sentence first… 507 more words


"Fifteen Minutes of Fame" and Other Adages

Most people know that the saying, “Fifteen minutes of fame” originated with Andy Warhol.  The expression was first used when a catalog of an exhibition of Warhol’s work was published in 1968,  In it, Warhol discussed the nature of celebrity and wrote, “In the future, everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”  The phrase caught on and was shorted to… 786 more words


You say Tomato...

Here’s a (running) list of Indian euphemisms/my translation of words I didn’t understand upon first arrival. I add to this list every so often, as I come across things I find amusing. 153 more words

See And Blind, Hear And Deaf

I don’t know how the conversation got onto the subject of Beyoncé’s Drunk In Love, but this week I ended up having to explain the lyrics to the girls in the office. 48 more words


speechless in the face of storms

Speechless in the face of storms

We are gone beyond the wind whirling

words away

as she catches your breath.

So many storms, so much strength… 119 more words