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Unbuttoning the bad news

This afternoon, I’m going to the funeral of a dear friend. Her death last week was unexpected and everyone’s in shock, but it was hardly a surprise when death is an inevitability of life. 300 more words

Literary Criticism

Sex euphemisms

No one said it was easy coming up with sex euphemisms. Straight up biological terms simply don’t cut it. So you have to come up with creative ways around it. 183 more words


Wednesday It List

♦ Ranking euphemisms in Romance - http://tinyurl.com/mf682aj

♦ Book art! - http://tinyurl.com/lqrjeat

♦ Jane? - http://tinyurl.com/qdkw9dy


♦ Sharp Objects is coming to the small screen! -  27 more words


"E" is for euphemisms

Euphemisms have become more popular in this age of political correctness. It is often easier to use polite or toned down words and expressions to describe something that is distressing or distasteful; and perhaps a little too controversial. 343 more words

English Construction

Transporting the dear departed euphemisms

Death is often called the great leveller; it’s also the great euphemised. I have a book on euphemisms with a full chapter devoted to it, and I’m sure that’s not unusual in the niche. 739 more words


Euphemisms for Death

Last week I was speaking at a conference of Retirement Community Chaplains.  My thesis was that people who deal with the vicissitudes of life best tend to deal best with the reality of death. 193 more words


The Dance of Words and Euphemism in Intimate Scenes

After the exciting post from last week, I decided continue along the same vein as promised.

There’s a delicate art to writing a moving and effective love scene. 730 more words

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