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Article: Ukraine - MH17 like Shoot Down Predicted a Month Ago plus Russian Defense Chief in English | OpEdNews

A Ukrainian resistance member provided a chilling prediction of the recent shoot down of Malaysian Air MH17. A YouTube video posted on June 18, 2014 by Anti-Maidan tells the story. 73 more words


Zharkoye (Russian Beef Stew)

This is a beef and vegetable stew that is first browned on the stove-top and then cooked in the oven.


Cheese Balls

These remind me of miniature Colombian Bunuelos, except they are baked, not fried. Russians traditionally serve them at Breakfast or Lunch.


Breaded Cauliflower

This is a traditional Russian favorite. First the cauliflower is cooked in water, then dipped in egg, rolled in bread crumbs, and sautéed in butter.


Pohlebka with Buckwheat

This is like a vegetable stew with buckwheat.  Buckwheat is also known as kasha.


Russian Bitky

Bitky are Russian meat patties.  They are popular throughout the region and eaten often.  Some version also contain bread crumbs and perhaps some garlic.  They go well with mashed potatoes or buttered pasta.


Apple Vareniki - Russia

Dumplings are the ultimate comfort food.  This recipe is for old-fashioned apple dumplings.