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Blu-ray Review: Frau im Mond

Starring: Willy Fritsch, Gerda Maurus, Klaus Pohl
Director: Fritz Lang
Rating: 7/10

Fritz Lang’s sci-fi movie about a trip to the moon (his last silent film, released in 1929) is a sheer joy for its steampunky visuals, but drama-wise it now seems a bit lopsided, seeing as we don’t actually blast off until 73 minutes into its three hour running time. 615 more words


Blu-ray Review: Faust

Starring: Gosta Ekman, Emil Jannings, Camilla Horn, William Dieterle, Yvette Guilbert
Director: F.W. Murnau
Rating: 8/10

F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922) is so familiar, such a bedrock of cinema, that it’s almost impossible to view it otherwise than through the lens of its renown and historical significance. 1,361 more words

Blu-ray Review

Ruggles of Red Gap (Leo McCarey, 1935)

Having recently watched McCarey’s excellent Make Way For Tomorrow, I thought I’d dig below the surface and watch some of his other films. I came into Ruggles of Red Gap nothing about Charles Laughton and the other members of the cast, and very little about McCarey. 368 more words


Harold and Maude (1971) | Hal Ashby’s life-affirming cult black comedy just gets better with age

They met at the funeral of a perfect stranger. From then on, things got perfectly stranger
Feeling trapped and emotionally dead by his wealthy surroundings, 20-year-old Harold (Bud Cort) repeatedly stages his suicide in elaborate ways to annoy his society-conscious mother (Vivian Pickles), while attending other people’s funerals in a custom-built hearse. 580 more words


Blu-ray Review: Rapture

Starring: Patricia Gozzi, Melvyn Douglas, Dean Stockwell
Director: John Guillermin
Rating: 7/10

John Guillermin is one of those directors where you might not know the name but you’ve almost certainly seen one of his films. 708 more words

Blu-ray Review

Blu-ray Review: Harold and Maude

Starring: Bud Cort, Ruth Gordon, Vivian Pickles
Director: Hal Ashby
Rating: 8/10

It has now become a cliché to say of Harold and Maude (1971) that it’s the exactly kind… 570 more words