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Severe Weather Today: 10/25/14

Woah, I’ve been asleep at the wheel I suppose. A few days ago, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) released a new risk category called “Marginal”, which is below a “Slight Risk,” and may replace “See Text.” … 374 more words


Aspects of Green

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
The meat it feeds on…. (Shakespeare Act III Scene 3)

Wearing grandma’s chunky cardigan over men’s XXXL size t-shirt-so-called pajama, I take a sip of green tea in addition to echoes of forest birds chattering in the background and brainstorm what to do for the day without a green glow on my face: a sign of nervousness, a result from staying up late to complete my task and still worrying about tails uncut- that would be a splendid morning!

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Senior Year

Eureka! The in-class narrative...

Tell me a story. Not just any old fly-by that you’ll use to set kindling ablaze at the end of the semester, but something that rings true. 122 more words


Friday Conversation: What Town From A TV Show Or Movie Would You Like To Live In?

Let’s get right to it: You can live in any town or city from any movie or TV show. It can be a fictional place (Springfield, Pawnee, etc.) or a fictionalized version of a real place (the Friends version of New York where three underemployed service workers can afford an apartment big enough to play Frisbee golf in). 774 more words


My 1st Earthquake in the Mother of All Earthquake States

My first ever earthquake experience was in NYC. It happened a few years ago while I was working at my desk. I was staring at my computer and saw it move slightly and thought I had vertigo! 479 more words

Eureka softball heads off to the state semifinals

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Eureka and Holt will meet in the state semifinals on Friday. Today, Eureka departed for Springfield and our Stephen Sealey, Jr. 6 more words


Reverting The 'Modern Cell Coloring' Back to Pre-Eureka

Having upgraded to Eureka, we’ve had a lot of comments from customers regarding the new field coloring which ServiceNow has introduced.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a couple of screenshots below which show the before and after: 279 more words