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Cool St Kilda

There is only so much city toursim that I can accomplish without dropping off to sleep and/or attempting to kill the crowd of people insistent on walking in front of you and abruptly stopping, completely oblivious to everything outside of their personal 1ft radial space (and judging by the stench, sometimes oblivious to everything inside that space). 259 more words


Kim Bergel Wins!!

Great news for Eureka.   We now have the first progressive majority since the socialists were elected around World War 1.  And it’s an all-woman council now, excepting the Mayor. 29 more words

Underneath the Overpass

20th November 2014 – Underneath (Sony Xperia Z2)

“The golden topped modern architecture rose above the traffic sewer that was Kingsway, fringed with barely holding on, slowly yellowing grass” 34 more words

1000 Words Sept To Dec 2002

The most important thing

is not to let yourself be bored. Or not…

“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Personally, I would go as far as saying that boredom is the greatest gift and curse humanity ever faced.

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Documentos complementarios para el segundo debate de fotografía

Estos textos breves esperan servir para encauzar el comienzo del debate hacia las líneas que se comentan en la descripción general.

Desnudos fotográficos ¿El cuerpo como (re)presentación del cuerpo? 19 more words

Proyecto Eureka

3 Signs You're Bullying Someone At Work

When you think of bullies, you think of middle and high school. But in a recent survey, one in four people said they’ve been bullied at work and you might be the one doing it without even realizing it. 258 more words


The Perfect Book

Today I went to the library’s used book store.  I love that place!  I can get a good read there sometimes for the rock bottom price of 25 cents for a soft cover or a hard cover for $2 tops. 724 more words