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EURGBP, 220814 (Updated)

A EURGBP short. Area of congestion before a drop, though most likely news driven.

Potential supply/sell orders in that area.

Price made lower lows and lower highs over the smaller period, although over the larger time frame, it’s still seemingly an uptrend. 38 more words

SD Swing Trading


Hi there! In this video I run through a series of trades made on the EURGBP. I followed the rules (mostly) but did make a judgment call part way through. 15 more words

Trifecta 3

Missing a ranging price but still profitable

Trades for 12th August.

Short NZDUSD. Price had reversed from a good 5m supply zone so I entered a limit order and was filled. Price had also broken through the 5m diagonal trend line I’d drawn. 973 more words

Trades Only

How many trades is too many trades & not checking trend strength

Trades for 11th August.

Long GBPJPY. This had been in an UT since Friday and as there was no news due I entered a limit order which was filled. 796 more words

Trades Only

EURGBP, 120814 (Updated 130814)

A trendline break, with higher lows. Buy when price comes back into the DZ.

A pretty low risk maneuver.

Edit 1 (130814): Price did make a nice rebound from the zone, but I was not in the trade as i removed my buy limit. 11 more words

SD Swing Trading

EUR/USD : Did you notice ?

Last week, most major currencies were falling against the dollar, namely  the NZD/USD, the GBP/USD, the USD/JPY or the AUD/USD. On the contrary, we observed a peculiar weekly candlestick on the EUR/USD (see chart below). 118 more words


EUR/USD : Avez-vous remarqué ?

Alors que la plupart des cours chutaient la semaine dernière contre le dollar, je pense aux paires suivantes : NZD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, nous avons eu une bougie hebdomadaire sur EUR/USD surprenante (voir graphique ci-dessous). 127 more words