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"Sweat is The Price of Virtue": Some Greek Quotes for Labor Day

Plutarch, Perikles 1.4 5-6

“Often and quite contrarily, we look down on a laborer while delighting in his work”

πολλάκις δὲ καὶ τοὐναντίον χαίροντες τῷ ἔργῳ τοῦ δημιουργοῦ καταφρονοῦμεν 90 more words


Euripidean Fragments and Bellerophon's Atheism

Here are two fragments from the lost Euripidean Bellerophon in which the eponymous hero denies that the gods exist. He does not seem to say that there are no gods at all, but his complaints are like those of… 185 more words

Euripides on Marriage: Misleading Fragments

Euripides, fr. 137 (Andromeda)

“Best of all riches is to find a noble spouse.”

τῶν γὰρ πλούτων ὅδ’ ἄριστος

γενναῖον λέχος εὑρεῖν.

This might be one of the few positive comments about marriage from Classical Greece. 60 more words


Euripides, fr. 910: A Lost Ode on the Virtue of an Inquiring Mind

“Happy is he who has learned from inquiry

Not because he searches for pain for his countrymen

Nor some other unjust deeds

But because he seeks out the ageless order… 63 more words


We are not subject to our own wills, our own desires, but to the fates and fortunes that the gods hand to us. The future is turned before our eyes into wrenching heartache.

43 more words

'Medea' at the National theatre, London

Yesterday, I saw what all the fuss was about. I had heard the talk, read the reviews and finally I was going to see it for myself. 372 more words


Review - Medea at the National Theatre starring Helen McCrory (2014)

(Photo by Jason Bell)

The announcement that the National Theatre would be staging Medea for the first time filled me with uncertainty as to whether I wanted to see another version of this quite traumatic play so soon after Mike Bartlett’s modern adaptation starring Rachel Stirling. 835 more words