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When love is in excess it brings a man no honor nor worthiness.-Euripides

Surprised by Joy. C.S. Lewis.

Barfield believed that the imagination plays a very important part in how we know. He rejected the model that science is the only way to truth, to acquiring truth. 178 more words


"What Did I Do?"

When reading a story with two strong opposing characters, we often fall into the trap of sympathizing with one and detesting the other. In Euripides’ … 392 more words


Quote of the Day

ἁπλοῦς ὁ μῦθος τῆς ἀληθείας ἔφυ,
κοὐ ποικίλων δεῖ τἄνδιχ᾽ ἑρμηνευμάτων
The words of truth are naturally simple,
and justice needs no subtle interpretations, for it has a fitness in itself.



Rage, the horror machine

A woman rages.

Her husband of 10 or more years has left her, taken up with a much younger, blonder and richer slip of a woman all set, and excited, to marry anew. 664 more words

Euripides, fr.346 (Dictys): A Universal Law of Love?

“There is one universal law among men

And one that is right to the gods, I believe truly—

And to all animals as well: to love the children we bear. 9 more words


Zillatron, The Iliad, and other stories

Every collection seems to have its own musical genre along with its own particular research. For example, The New York Collection was created mostly whilst listening to… 217 more words