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Orestes and Other Plays

By: Euripides

Original Language: Ancient Greek

Includes: Ion, Orestes, Phoenician Women, Suppliant Women

Status: read

Review: Medea #medea @NationalTheatre, Olivier

Greek tragedy: the chorus tells you what is about to happen; it happens; the chorus tells you what just happened. So how do you stage it nowadays? 137 more words


Medea (National Theatre) review

The National Theatre has never staged a production of ‘Medea’ before, and this version with minimalist set and modern dress is a short and snappy ninety minutes – quite a relief after my recent run of 3+ hour shows. 341 more words


Some notes on Odysseus' life and death: Forgotten Family and Falling Feces

“No other Odysseus will ever come home to you”

οὐ μὲν γάρ τοι ἔτ’ ἄλλος ἐλεύσεται ἐνθάδ’ ᾿Οδυσσεύς,

Since it seems we have been obsessed with Odysseus for a while, starting with our concern about whether anyone can… 175 more words


Interview: Ben Power

*Originally written for Exeunt*

The access to the Stage Door of the National Theatre from the riverfront is currently blocked, meaning that in order to enter you have to walk around the entire building, much of which is a literal building site. 1,057 more words


Review - Medea at the National Theatre

Other interpretations: Ian FosterPoly GannibaBillington on Medea’s contradictions. Coveney is insightful and creates impressive sentences like ‘an Attic architectural scale with the bland anomie of a transient city existence’ (Michael, she’s called Kreusa rather than Glauce for 2 reasons – 1. 1,132 more words


Why 'Vacuous Piffle'?

  1. Vacuous, adjective, meaning devoid of substance, idle, not properly filled out or developed.
  2. Piffle, noun, meaning foolish or empty talk, nonsense, drivel.

source: OED

In summary this equates to: devoid of expectation! 236 more words