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unwritten poems hanging on a cloth line

All for an empty tunic, all for a Helen. Seferis, inspired by Euripides’ Eleni. 9 more words

Euripides, fr. 327 (Danae)--Men See Wealth as an Indicator of Wisdom

“Truly, men love to take the words

Of wealthy men as wisdom, and yet when

Some poor man from a lesser house speaks well

They laugh. 38 more words


NT Live: Medea

“Terrible things breed in broken hearts.”

This play is not an easy watch for anyone.

I didn’t know the story all that well before I went to see the screening at my local cinema; I knew the big spoiler although, as it turns out, I was not prepared for it. 299 more words

Of Stage & Screen

Oaths in Medea

ὦ μεγάλα Θέμι καὶ πότνι᾽ Ἄρτεμι,
λεύσσεθ᾽ ἃ πάσχω, μεγάλοις ὅρκοις
ἐνδησαμένα τὸν κατάρατον
πόσιν; ὅν ποτ᾽ ἐγὼ νύμφαν τ᾽ ἐσίδοιμ᾽
αὐτοῖς μελάθροις διακναιομένους,

Ancient Greek

Euripides, fr. 25 (Aeolus): On old Men, Lurking and Thinking

“Alas, the ancient proverb holds well:

We old men are nothing other than a sound

and an image, lurking imitations of dreams.

We have no mind and but we think we know how to think well.” 118 more words