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That Plucky Platinis' Drunk To Much Martini

I reveal the football icon, the once god of French football, has now made the European championships even more pointless than it has ever been. As if European qualifiers were not infuriating enough, this wannabe FIFA president has had the marvellous idea of making the tournament bigger, yes bigger, from 16 to 24 teams. 454 more words


Zdzisław Kręcina: Polish football's Smooth Operator

A familiar, and rather comedic-looking, face has come back to the Polish football scene in the last couple of days, prompting much sneering and mickey-taking, however Zdzisław Kręcina (pictured above) is actually a much smarter operator than his appearance suggests.   886 more words

England looking good in the middle

In the space of two years England have gone from scraping around to find someone to partner Gerrard in midfield, to a position where two places are up for grabs between five genuine contenders. 522 more words


Euromaidan Destroyed Ira and Me

Those regular readers here will hardly need to know my position on a couple of things. Euromaidan – against. From early doors I simply didn’t like the smell of something which seemed to have neo-Nazi party Svoboda behind it. 782 more words


How football bankrupted Ukraine

Ukraine has been out of the headlines in the last week, toppled by Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. But after this weekend, Ukraine will be back on top of the news, following the Crimean referendum. 591 more words


The State of Polish Football Post Euro 2012

It wasn’t that long ago when millions of football fans in Poland and Ukraine joined in celebration that a major football tournament was being held in their respective countries. 1,703 more words

Euro 2012

Elegi Shevchenko untuk Ukraina

Agung Putu Iskandar
Wartawan Jawa Pos

“Ukraine, Ukraine! My heart, my mother! When I remember your fate, my heart will weep!”

Sebelum Euro 2012 dihelat di Ukraina, sebagai tuan rumah bersama Polandia, ada yang menyebut itu sebagai kesalahan. 626 more words

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