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Finnish economists in the media and the role of journalism in the Eurocrisis

Yesterday I attended a seminar on “The Eurocrisis in the News”, organized by the Finnish Union of Radio and Television Journalists with support from the Finnish Journalist’s Union and the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (YLE). 1,052 more words


Subsidiarity: Commission budget powers versus nations own determination of welfare state issues

Typical social security benefits include old age pension, survivor’s pension, disability benefits, sickness benefits, birth grant, unemployment benefits, family benefits or health care.

Member States set their own social security rules in line with their own circumstances.

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More critique of Germany's policies - Bill Mitchell edition

Via this link.

I think he asks a very relevant and painful (for the Eurocrats) question: would the cost of abandoning the euro have been as great as the drama we see right now in Europe, with unemployment, underemployment, crumbling (i.e. 71 more words


Bill Black on Germany and the Eurozone economic policies

On Naked Capitalism.

For the sake of argument, while I think that Black is essentially correct, the issue actually goes deeper as Edward Hugh points out.


Housing bubble in parts of Finland? Yle Housing -edition

I thought recent statistics showed that at least in terms of total housing prices outside the Greater Helsinki area showed real signs of decline. It seems like the Finnish housing bubble is slowly deflating. 744 more words


Philip Pilkington on the ILO and trade unions (and more)

Philip Pilkington has a very interesting post on a post of his regarding a joint report by the ILO, OECD and the World Bank. As he points out, the ILO usually mostly talks sense, in economic terms. 78 more words