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Fresh audio product

Freshly posted to my radio archive, after too long an interval:

January 29, 2015 Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek economist who’s appeared on this show 16 times since 2008 discussing mainly the Eurocrisis, is now the finance minister of Greece. 242 more words


The hypocrisy of Germany, as told by Bill Mitchell

This morning’s link is very good reading. Other authors, such as Jörg Bibow of the Levy Institute have written similar things, but the way Mitchell puts the whole story in a tight narrative is on another level (the benefit of discussing this outside an academic paper). 66 more words


Billy Mitchell's various interesting points

In this link from yesterday.

On Syriza: it seems to be clear that Syriza has 149 seats in Parliament, which is two short of an absolute minority. 296 more words


A link with realism on European QE by Francesco Saraceno

He makes some very basic points, that may indicate that QE will not work because we are still in a situation of deficient demand. Also he points out the absurdness of some Draghi’s comments.


Thoughts on... Greek elections, Syriza and the only solution to the Greek debt crisis

As a Syriza election victory looms in Greece, it looks ever more likely that one way or another Greece will not pay back all of its debt. 1,075 more words