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Jörg Bibow on Germany's policy prescriptions, again

This is as concise as it can be. Jörg Bibow once more (how many times does he have to write the same thing?!) deconstructs the fallacies of the German Model, especially when it is forced upon the rest of the Eurozone. 16 more words


About those bank stress tests...

Raúl Ilargi Meijer has a post which should induce a good amount of scepticism about the results of the official bank stress test. The Swiss test did indeed find out that some major Dutch, French and German banks could be in trouble in a crisis. 102 more words


'Why the Eurozone Suffers from a Germany Problem'


The key part:

The Eurozone’s current problem arises because one country – Germany – allowed nominal wage growth well below the Eurozone average, which undercut everyone else….

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Bill Mitchell on the repeated follies of the SGP - comparing Germany then and France/Italy now

Bill Mitchell doesn’t mince words. In a very long and detailed post, he disects how the SGP and Excessive Deficit Procedures (EDP) have been used against Germany in the early 2000s and against France and Italy at the moment. 248 more words


Finnish economists in the media and the role of journalism in the Eurocrisis

Yesterday I attended a seminar on “The Eurocrisis in the News”, organized by the Finnish Union of Radio and Television Journalists with support from the Finnish Journalist’s Union and the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (YLE). 1,052 more words


Subsidiarity: Commission budget powers versus nations own determination of welfare state issues

Typical social security benefits include old age pension, survivor’s pension, disability benefits, sickness benefits, birth grant, unemployment benefits, family benefits or health care.

Member States set their own social security rules in line with their own circumstances.

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