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Het misbruik van de metafoor van de geldpers

“Geldpers kan nooit bron van vertrouwen worden”

Mathieu Segers betoogt in Het Financieele Dagblad van 711 december 2014 dat de geldpers nooit een bron van vertrouwen kan zijn bij het oplossen van de eurocrisis. 471 more words


French-German economics debate (bonus: Finland did its homework)

This is an interesting read. Francesco Saraceno discusses with Prof.  Hans-Werner Sinn about the arguments in two of the latter’s writings. I think it shows very well how much German economics lives in a bubble of its own, and how big the gap is between the various views of economic reality (if you could call the German view that). 57 more words


Ten conclusions on the many mistakes of the handling of the Eurocrisis

The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College co-organized an international conference on November 21-22 in Athens, Greece, on the continuing crisis in the eurozone.

The conclusions of the panel of the conference make for sobering reading (actually, it makes you question why the same old politicians/parties are still in power everywhere).

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Italy, the Commission and the Rules of the Game that Cannot be Applied

John Weeks has a good piece on the conflict between Italy and the European Commission. Apart from showing how ridiculous and ideological the EU-rules of the Stability and Growth Pact are, it also shows how it is impossible to apply them. 128 more words


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