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Demand a Euro Treasury or the implementation of the Modest Proposal now!

There shouldn’t be anymore disagreement over the utter failure of European economic policies – debt levels are not exactly going down, unemployment (especially for young people) is way to high, growth is non-existent (0,5% for the Netherlands is considered a success!) and worst of all, deflation may be around the corner, making all of the problems above much worse. 322 more words


No need for alarm (?)

I read this news on Bloomberg and I was a bit alarmed by this paragraph:

A number of analysts are already advising investors to steer clear of Finnish government debt.

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The ECB's next problem: saving Italy | Business | The Guardian


Some commentators (notably Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) have warned for a long time Italy is the elephant in the room, and not only because its companies are competing directly with Chinese companies (and quite likely losing out).


Ilargi: Europe Teeters On The Edge


As often, Ilargi strings together a lot of things that I had on my mind as well. It is important to remember that this mess started with power play by the EU in Ukraine…


Russian sanctions, sanctions against Russia and the Finnish economy

There is a lot of sabre-rattling in international politics. First, the US and EU tightened sanctions against Russia and now Russia retaliates with a set of sanctions of its… 279 more words


German new industrial orders down

Yesterday I posted on the state of the Finnish economy. I mentioned that the economic debate in Finland is very much centered on the need of export-competitiveness. 50 more words