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“The Secret Sister” by Fotini Tsalikoglou

Jonathan Argyriou, a third-generation Greek-American, is on a flight from New York City to Athens. En route, he imagines a conversation with his sister—who’s missing from the seat next to him—and looks back on his family’s generations of loss and secrets, which he can no longer avoid: “Like a strangely bulimic climbing vine, the unrevealed secrets embrace the family’s flesh a little tighter each day, until in they end they become one with it.” Jonathan’s stream-of-consciousness narration weaves between his own memories and those of his forefathers, revealing eerie parallels. 58 more words

"The Hollow Land" by Jane Gardam

This lovely collection of stories for children—originally published in 1981—captures its eight-year-old protagonists’ innocence and, yes, naiveté, but maintains its dignity throughout, never slipping into irony or an affected “little kid’s voice.” It follows the friendship between Bell, son of a farming family in the Hollow Land (so called for the abandoned mines underneath) and Harry, son of a London-based journalist who brings his family to a country house there on occasional vacations. 155 more words

The time of your life

The first line in Deirdre Madden’s new novel is a simple question, but in the context of this spare, enlightening story, it carries heavy meaning. “Where does it all begin?” she writes, and then introduces us to Fintan Buckley, a middle-aged family man and legal advisor who’s “faithful as Lassie.” He stops at a café before returning to the office after lunch and there, over his coffee and cake, experiences a psychic detachment from the present moment. 439 more words

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