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Wedding Weekends *FRANCE 1.South of France 2.French Alps *BELGIUM 3.Baarle 4.Oudenaarde

How many weddings can one attend in a year? I have actually four this summer, still one to go. And they all are as special for them as they are to me. 241 more words


Chillin' in Oslo, the place to be?

Oooh Norwegians… they’re lovely, blond, tall, spend their free-time running uphill and their holidays in wood cabins, they don’t drink, don’t smoke, they have the… 993 more words


Spain Extravaganza - On To Valencia and Area

As sad as it was to leave Majorca, at least it isn’t time to go home yet. Our next stop was Valencia, a gorgeous Spanish city on the East coast approximately three and a half hours South of Barcelona. 1,245 more words


Berlinin' It Up

It felt like we packed quite a bit into our first full day in Berlin! Working from our list of things we wanted to do, we grouped together things that were in roughly similar geographic areas. 1,086 more words


Studying Abroad = Terrifying

Oohlala. Bonjour! In the past 36 hours I have gone from saying goodbye to my parents in MYR, to sitting for hours in ATL, to getting moderately confused in CDG, Paris, to finally landing in La Rochelle with my wonderful host family. 184 more words

NATO's Dilemma: How Tough to Get With Russia

The NATO leaders’ summit taking place in Wales this week was always going to be a crucial opportunity for the alliance to re-define its role in a changing world. 858 more words

#indyref: because everyone and their dog have had a bash on this topic, and in a fortnight it’ll be too late to whinge.

Latest #indyref polls show the Scots edging closer to possibly voting a worrying ‘Yes’…

Worrying? Well, the way I see it. I would admit to being somewhat attached to the idea of the union, but that’s not actually my primary concern – in fact, as we go further and further along this path and as the anglophobia of our favourite Caledonian Hitler (the ever-stimulating David Starkey’s words, not mine) becomes increasingly more evident, I find myself actually closer to wishing they’d just go away. 983 more words