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Continental drift

One aspect of integration in the European Union has been obscured by the post-Maastricht dramas. This is about the need to overcome difficulties between business philosophies and managerial cultures. 117 more words


Accept announces Eurpean tour

The German heavy metal band Accept has announced a European tour this year! The tour “Blind Rage”, named after their upcoming album which will be realesed 18th July this year, will be kicked off in……. 90 more words

Marx's last stand: Eastern Ukraine

The “Ukrainian Spring” has been a popular subject for all people. Various perspectives have been exhibited: US and Russian, Ukrainian and European. When not viewed as the manifestation of Vladimir Putin’s megalomania, or US overreach, the conflict has been interpreted as the rebirth of the Cold War, as Russia’s belated attempt at empire restoration, or as Western expansion. 89 more words



On Saturday I went for a walk with Mum in Montmartre because I have been here for well over three months now and I still haven’t made the trip up the hill! 41 more words


Selling Houses In Europe

The process of selling a house in Europe is not regulated by any specific UN passed law. The steps are the same in every country, starting with finding a buyer and ending with agreeing on a price then signing the proper documentation for transferring the deed. 426 more words


Me Voy!

In July, I’m going to be starting some grand adventures starting with a week in Bethel, Vermont participating in the “local burn” called Firefly. A week long arts and music festival where participants must camp and live in the woods for 5 days. 81 more words

The 'Impact' of EU Counter-Terrorism

I am on my way to Barcelona where I will be presenting a paper drawing on our work in SECILE on the impact of EU counter-terrorism at the 2014 Surveillance Society Network conference. 316 more words