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Russia, America, and Europe testing out new boundaries over Ukraine

Russia, America, and Europe testing out new boundaries over Ukraine | 02/09/14
by John Brian Shannon

During the Cold War the situation that prevailed for 40 years was where the Europeans and the Americans both knew that if the USSR ever decided to invade and occupy all of Europe, all they could do was hold the Soviets for about a week before having to resort to nuclear weapons against the USSR in order to stop any further advances. 2,123 more words


Under The Tuscan Sun

Fabian’s family owns a timeshare down in Italy, located 15 minutes from the coast in Tuscany. As a child, Fabian had grown up going to Tuscany, swimming in the crystal clear Mediterranean water and running through the rolling hills of the countryside. 846 more words


變幻莫測的倫敦‧Moody London

第1日 – 2012年4月17日

現在9:30 pm 在去恩荷芬的火車上,訂了11 pm的巴士去倫敦。自從瑞典回來後就病了,休息了一天又再出發。剛剛真的不想出門,只想睡覺休息,也特別想香港的爸媽和家,人病了真的特別脆弱……這次會在英國逗留17日,在倫敦留3天後,便到利物浦的一間青旅做義工。我帶了手提電腦,所以背包很重,很想先放下行李才遊覽,但“沙發”還沒說明天什麼時候會合 。她家離市中心頗遠,約45分鐘車程。希望一切順利!

Day 1 – 17 Apr 2012

9:30pm, I was on the train to Eindhoven. I booked 11 pm Euroline bus to London tonight. 1,042 more words



Dreaming of Paris.

And London. And Scotland. And the Camino. And coastal walks. And a place on a hill — refuge.

But just taking a moment to tell myself that today, where I am, will be good. 22 more words


A fragment of heaven on Earth - Menton, France

When you first step off the train at Menton, you probably won’t know which direction to turn. You don’t mind though, you can already see that this isn’t a place you’d mind getting lost in. 423 more words

The Beauty of Lisbon: In Color and Crumble

I prefer cities that feel a bit dirty, a bit crumbly, well-lived-in, with graffiti covering the walls and color filling the streets. This is probably why I never connected with the beige uniformity of the Parisian landscape. 324 more words

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