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Mons (3): Painting with Van Gogh

Mons, Belgium. Preview of the Van Gogh exhibition ‘Van Gogh in the Borinage – Birth of an Artist’ at BAM (Beaux-Arts Mons). Pictured here, Van Gogh’s bedroom – an interactive installation based on his painting ‘Bedroom in Arles’ (of which there are three versions, one of them in the… 151 more words


Mons (2): Once upon a time

Mons, Belgium. ‘Il était une fois’ (‘Once upon a time’), a mesmerizing light installation by Cédric Verdure in the Belfry Gardens, with wire figures gradually changing colour and fading ghostlike in and out of the darkness, below the town’s UNESCO-listed Baroque belfry. 80 more words


Mons (1): Song lines

Mons, Belgium. ‘Song Lines’, a beautifully moving sound installation in Rue de la Poterie, with the words of the song Tombe la niege (a 1960s hit by French-Italian singer Salvatore Adamo) chanted in a faint a capella, and portraits of the singers projected onto sheets and other pieces of cloth suspended above the street. 78 more words


Doudou, Mons (2)

Later this month the city of Mons in Belgium will take the title European Capital of Culture 2015, but the single greatest event in its annual calendar is undoubtedly the ‘Doudou’ (Ducasse du Mons) – the ritual combat with and ‘slaying’ of a giant processional dragon in the town square, frankly one of the wildest and most enjoyably bonkers events I’ve ever seen/photographed. 213 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth - A Coffee Shop in Tallinn

It was snowing quite heavily by this time but it was still only tiny dry flakes and not nearly substantial enough to settle in the streets but there was already a gentle dusting on the gabled rooftops and on the Market Square Christmas tree and the town was beginning to assume a wintery appearance.  143 more words