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Decisions will be made

The round table for future meetings of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank on the 41st floor of the new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt, Oct.21.


Money an Markets - Analysis: Is the European debt crisis back? No. It never ended! by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.

Last week, we saw the worst day in the history of European bond markets since its great debt crisis of 2012.

The price of Greece’s sovereign 10-year notes collapsed, driving their yields to nearly 9 percent. 1,311 more words


Weekly Importer / Exporter Analysis 10-20-14

The dollar continues to increase in value relative to other currencies.  This is making imported goods less expensive.  This is one factor in the drop in oil prices, the other being decreased demand.  209 more words


Money and Markets: Central Banking's “Fatal Flaws” Dooming the Economy!

by Mike Larson

These guys just don’t get it … still!

That’s all I could think this week after reading a pair of stories. One focused on how European Central Bank head Mario Draghi is trying to… 402 more words


Deflation fear rearing its ugly head again — and not just in Europe

Policy makers thought they had tamed inflation following the extraordinary monetary measures taken in the years after the financial crisis, but the last few weeks have proven them wrong. 666 more words


Money and Markets (analysis, via free email Newsletter): Have Central Banks Run Out of Weapons?. October 16, 2014

Please take time to work your way through this, even if you have never done so before!


Too many have been led by the cabal to think they cannot understand ‘Money and Markets.’ If you take time with this article and ask a few pointed questions, I think you will see that it isn’t all quite so mysterious as we have been led to believe — and it’s a really good feeling to understand that can’t snooker us anymore ;) 1,355 more words


Time to Take the Euro Out of Germany?

By Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Research, WisdomTree

In most cases, when investors think about international equities, they consider the fact that they are gaining exposure to the performance of the equities. 722 more words