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Europe’s Economic Woes Require a Japanese Solution

No policymaker, anywhere in the world, wants his or her national economy to be compared to Japan’s. That’s because the Japanese economy, though still the world’s third-largest, has become a sad case-study in the long-term damage that can be inflicted by a financial crisis. 902 more words

US banks draw up early plans for move to Ireland if UK leaves EU

Wall Street banks are drawing up preliminary plans to move some London-based activities to Ireland to address concerns that the UK is drifting apart from the EU. 397 more words


Here's why the eurozone's economy just ground to a halt

FRANKFURT, Germany — Well, that didn’t last long.

After four quarters of meagre growth, the fragile economic recovery in the 18-country eurozone creaked to a halt in the second quarter. 937 more words


German economy shrinks 0.2% in 2Q, while France's stagnates

The German economy shrunk by 0.2% in the second quarter of this year, while France’s stagnated again, leading its government to cut its growth forecast and scrap its budget goals for the year. 472 more words


U.S. treasuries look dirt cheap

A word of caution to all bond investors who’ve been betting on a rapid rise in U.S. rates: Shrinking European debt yields make that scenario look less and less plausible. 424 more words