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The French burqa ban: So much for Liberté!

In 2011, a French law came into effect which makes it illegal to cover one’s face in public. Even though lawyers for the French government emphasize that the law also applies to non-religious face-veiling garments, such as balaclavas and hoods, it is clear that its principal target is Muslim clothing, particularly the burqa and the niqab. 987 more words

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NGOs as threats to the building of Orbán Viktor's "illiberal democracy"

Yesterday while analyzing Viktor Orbán’s latest speech I concentrated on the topic that aroused the greatest outrage in opposition circles, the Hungarian prime minister’s plans to introduce a so-called “illiberal democracy.” 814 more words


ECtHR condemns extraordinary renditions and secret detentions in Poland

The European Court of Human Rights has on 24 July delivered two judgments against Poland, Al Nashiri v. Poland (28761/11) and Husayn (Abu Zubaydah) v. 335 more words

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European court finds Poland complicit in torture at CIA secret prison

(By Deutsche Welle) Poland enabled human rights violations by allowing the CIA to run a secret prison on its territory, according to a European court ruling. 951 more words


European states cannot be forced to redefine marriage says human rights court

The European Court of Human Rights has this week ruled that refusing to recognise same-sex marriages does not violate The European Convention on Human Rights. 197 more words


Taking a retrograde step into moral isolationism that Dictators and Authoritarians now and in the future can cite, to justify oppression and cruelty.

The Conservative Party who are in coalition Government in Great Britain want to take back the powers from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, so they can in future decide what is lawful or unlawful when it comes to citizens’ human rights.   273 more words