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Committee of Ministers in the Council of Europe to examine implementation of human rights judgments



The representatives of the 47 member States of the Council of Europe will examine the implementation of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights on 23-25 September. 130 more words


The Sun's aggressive, then submissive, response to my complaint on its human rights reporting

The Sun have printed another correction today in relation to its misleading human rights reporting. The correction, on page 2, can be read online or to the right of this post. 770 more words

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Former Sun-hack-turned-Sun-ombudsman Phillippa Kennedy OBE cites The Daily Mail as authority for accurate reporting. Am I alone in thinking this is the death of irony?

Election troubles in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Court of Human has just before summer recess delivered a judgment in the case of Zornić v Bosnia and Herzegovina (3681/06, 15 July 2014) concerning the inability of the applicant to run for election to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 567 more words

European Court Of Human RIghts


Whenever Europe does something that disregards traditional mores, our news media is quick to report. Otherwise, America’s corporate news media shows as much interest as they would if your local paper reported a story about your neighbor’s dog nipping the mailman. 276 more words

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Such is life

I hate tennis. In fact, with the exception of the complimentary colonoscopy they provide after every contact visit with my wife, there are few things I hate in this life more than tennis. 985 more words


Ny grund för uppehållstillstånd: särskilt ömmande omständigheter - bara för barn

Den 4 juni 2014 beslutade riksdagen att barn kan beviljas uppehållstillstånd på grund av särskilt ömmande omständigheter i stället för det nuvarande kravet på synnerligen ömmande omständigheter… 2,278 more words

European Convention On Human Rights

Conference on Crisis of Rule of Law and Democracy in Europe

Conference on Crisis of Rule of Law and Democracy in Europe will take place on 25-26 September 2014 at Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia. Here are the aims of the conference : 260 more words

European Court Of Human RIghts