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The Oscar Speech

Yes, it’s that time at the end of the road where I need to thank a few people. I’ll try and keep it brief but there are so many people who helped to make this a successful trip that it may take a few pages. 209 more words

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Eiffel – More than just a Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a well-known symbol of Paris. I’m not visiting Paris on my European tour. Not least because driving through the streets there in a motorhome would be a nightmare and parking, next to impossible and incredibly expensive. 566 more words

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The Haunted Abbey

Deep in the Lyons Forest sits the ancient Abbey du Mortemer and its ruined church. It was originally built in 1134 on swampland, which is how it earned the name “Mortum-mare” or “Dead sea”. 651 more words

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Joan of Arc – Fighting for her Country and Equality in the 15th Century

How did a young peasant girl from a small village become a heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint?

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 at Domremy, a small village in what is now Lorraine. 356 more words

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Orleans versus Chartres

I am visiting the cities of Orleans and Chartres to see the Cathedrals and I wonder which will be the most spectacular.

I start in Orleans, on the north bank of the River Loire. 432 more words

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Back in Wine Country

As I travel to the north of France I find myself passing through wine country again and decide to visit the towns of Saint Pourcain and Sancerre to try some of their local white wine. 592 more words

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St Nectaire – More than just Cheese

I am visiting the village of St Nectaire in the hope of tasting some of the local cheese but I soon discover that there is much more to this village that I first imagined. 395 more words

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