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Icy Rings Discovered Around Asteroid

LONDON (CBS Tampa) – A new find has astronomers rethinking their views on our solar system after finding icy rings around an asteroid.

It’s called Chariklo and it orbits the sun between Saturn and Uranus. 301 more words


Major Planetary Discoveries in Our Solar System ~ Brazilian researchers discover asteroid with rings

Here’s an interesting analysis from Suspicious Observers on two new planets discovered in our solar system, and it sounds like this is just a beginning for more revelations to come. 493 more words

The Sun And Outer Space

Scientists Discover A Hypergiant Star

Astronomers Discover Hypergiant Star 1300 Times The Size Of Our Sun

” Astronomers using the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope have discovered the largest yellow star so far.”

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YORP: Rock and Roll

“This is a rock. Seeing it fall apart before our eyes is pretty amazing.”

David Jewitt

For months, the Hubble Space Telescope has been checking in on asteroid P/2013 R3. 679 more words


Diamonds in the Night

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At the end of the week, when hopefully a bit of free time approaches, it is sometimes gratifying to see an image like this one, which captures the stunning beauty of the cosmos. 536 more words