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From astrobio.net: "Moons Can Help Planets Remain Stable Long Enough for Life to Form"

Astrobiology Magazine

Oct 9, 2014
Charles Q. Choi

The Moon is more than just Earth’s partner in space — it may have helped stabilize Earth’s orbit enough for it to become hospitable for the evolution of complex forms of life. 1,635 more words

Basic Research

From ESA: "Europe's New Age of Metals Begins"

European Space Agency

10 September 2014
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ESA has joined forces with other leading research institutions and more than 180 European companies in a billion-euro effort developing new types of metals and manufacturing techniques for this century. 757 more words

Applied Research & Technology

From ESA: ESA's Bug-eyed Telescope to Spot Risky Asteroids

European Space Agency

10 September 2014
Gian Maria Pinna
SSA Ground Segment Manager
Email: GianMaria.Pinna@esa.int
Tel: +49 6151 902669

Spotting Earth-threatening asteroids is tough partly because the sky is so big. 591 more words

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