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Probe makes historic comet landing

Jonathan Amos,  BBC

The lander touched down on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at about 1605 GMT. 216 more words


From ESA: "Earth from Space: Big data from space"

European Space Agency

Discover more about our planet with the Earth from Space video programme. In this special edition, Nicolaus Hanowski, Head of Ground Segments and Operations under ESA’s Earth Observation Programmes Directorate, joins the show to talk about ‘big data’ from space. 160 more words

Applied Research & Technology

From astrobio.net: "Moons Can Help Planets Remain Stable Long Enough for Life to Form"

Astrobiology Magazine

Oct 9, 2014
Charles Q. Choi

The Moon is more than just Earth’s partner in space — it may have helped stabilize Earth’s orbit enough for it to become hospitable for the evolution of complex forms of life. 1,635 more words

Basic Research