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Guest video: The Philae Lander

In a few weeks, Rosetta is going to attempt to land Philae on a comet nucleus. No one knows what they will find, even if the comet’s surface is solid enough to withstand the touchdown. 15 more words

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European Space Agency decides Philae's landing spot on comet

The site for humanity’s first-ever attempt to land a spacecraft on a comet has been chosen.

Philae, the tiny lander being carried by the Rosetta probe, will attempt on Nov. 309 more words

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Selfie from space!

Hello again, Rosetta! After a ten year journey, the spacecraft is only 16km from the comet it’s been sent to explore. Earlier this week, it sent back this selfie showing one of its solar panels and the comet, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. 185 more words